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How to Become Carter's Model?

How to Become Carter’s Model?
  1. How Can My Child Become Carter’s Model?
  2. Research the Carters: How Does Carter’s Model Look?
  3. Build Your Child’s Portfolio for Carters.
  4. Do You Need a Modeling Agency to Get Your Kid an Audition for Carter’s?
  5. Improve Your Child Modeling Skills for Carters.
  6. How Much Do Carter’s Baby Models Make?
  7. Where to Find Kids Casting Calls for Carter’s?
  8. Bottomline.

Being a model for Carter's can be an incredible experience and the perfect way to make lasting connections in the fashion industry. As one of the largest children's clothing lines, Carter's is always looking for new talent — kids of all sizes, ages and looks! 

Whether you are a parent or guardian dreaming big on behalf of your son or daughter; or an aspiring young model wanting to take their first step into this exciting world, there is something here for both models — and their families! 

So if you're curious about how to become a Carter's model — buckle up! Let's explore together what it takes to get started as a successful Carter model.

How Can My Child Become Carter’s Model?

If you are interested in your child becoming Carter's baby model, there are several steps that you can take to help them achieve this goal. First and foremost, it's essential to understand what qualities Carter's is looking for in their models. 

They typically seek out children who are happy, energetic, and comfortable in front of the camera. It's also vital that the child is a natural performer and loves being the center of attention.

Once you understand the qualities that Carter's is looking for, the next step is to submit your child's photos to Carter's directly through their website or social media channels.

Ensure the images are clear and well-lit and show your child's personality shining through. You can also watch for open casting calls or model searches seeking children's clothing models.

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Some modeling experience or training can also help increase your child's chances of becoming Carter's model. Participating in local fashion shows or photo shoots can help your child feel more comfortable in front of the camera and understand basic modeling techniques like posing and facial expressions.

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It's important to remember that kids modeling is a competitive industry, and even the most talented and photogenic children may only sometimes get selected for every opportunity. However, your child may become the next Carter's model with perseverance and a positive attitude. 

Encourage your child to have fun and enjoy the experience, regardless of the outcome.

Research the Carters: How Does Carter’s Model Look?

A Carter's model typically has a specific look and qualities that the brand is looking for in their models. Carter's is a baby and children's clothing brand, so they are looking for models that fit their target age range, including infants, toddlers, and young children. Generally, the brand is looking for cute, bubbly models who are full of personality.

Carter's is known for its bright and cheerful clothing designs, so lively and energetic models tend to fit in well with the brand's image. In addition to being active and full of personality, Carter's model should be comfortable in front of the camera. They should be able to take direction well from photographers and pose naturally and appealingly.

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Carter's also prefers models with a natural and authentic look. This means they are not necessarily looking for children with perfect features or who fit into a specific mold. Instead, they want relatable and authentic children who reflect the brand's commitment to making clothing comfortable and easy for everyday activities.

Carter's offers various opportunities for parents to showcase their baby's cuteness through contests and modeling opportunities. 

How to apply to carter's casting call

One of the most popular contests is Carter's Baby of the Month contest, which allows parents to submit photos of their babies for a chance to win a prize and be featured on Carter's website and social media pages. The contest is open to babies between 0-24 months old, and winners are selected based on a combination of votes and judges' scores.

Another popular option is the Carter's Baby Photo Contest, which invites parents to submit photos of their babies wearing Carter's clothing to win prizes and be featured in Carter's marketing materials. 

Parents can also apply their babies for Carter's modeling casting calls via On this casting network, parents will be able to discover casting opportunities for their little ones not only from Carter's but also from other well-known brands such as Nike and GAP. The best part is that you don't need a talent agent for your kid to make it happen. All you need to do is 

  1. Register on
  2. Set up your kid's profile/portfolio.
  3. Explore our huge base of casting calls and find the ones you like.
  4. Apply your kid to all the casting calls you have chosen.

Build Your Child’s Portfolio for Carters

Building a portfolio for your child to submit to Carter's can help increase their chances of being selected during Carter's model casting.

Build Your Child’s Portfolio for Carter's

Here are some tips on what to include in your carter's baby model application:

General Information: Include basic information about your child's name, age, height, weight, and clothing size. It's essential to ensure your child's information is accurate and up-to-date.

Headshots: Including several precise headshots in your child's portfolio is essential. These photos should be in good lighting and clearly show your child's face. Ensure your child is smiling and looks happy and approachable in the pictures.

Body Type: Carter's is looking for children of average weight and height for their age. In your child's portfolio, you should include full-body photos showing their body type. Ensure your child is wearing clothing that fits them well and shows off their shape.

Highlight your kid's facial features: Carter's is looking for models who have natural and authentic looks. In your child's portfolio, you should highlight their best facial features. If your child has a unique look or quality, such as freckles or curly hair, showcase that in their photos.

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Do You Need a Modeling Agency to Get Your Kid an Audition for Carter’s?

You can find Carter's modeling opportunities for your child without a modeling agency. While agencies can help find modeling opportunities, there are other ways to submit your child's portfolio directly to Carter's or to participate in open casting calls.

One platform that can be particularly helpful for parents looking to get their children into modeling is It's a casting platform allowing parents to be their kids' agents.

By signing up for KidsCasting, you can create a profile for your child and submit their portfolio to casting calls and auditions directly. The platform also allows you to search for open casting calls and modeling opportunities in your area.

Using KidsCasting can be a cost-effective alternative to working with a modeling agency. The platform also provides resources and guidance to help parents navigate the modeling industry and find the best opportunities for their children.

With platforms like KidsCasting, parents can take a more hands-on approach to their child's modeling career and connect with opportunities directly.

Improve Your Child Modeling Skills for Carters

To become a successful model for Carter's, you can do many things to improve your modeling skills and increase your chances of success. Here are a few tips:

Take kid's modeling classes: Enrolling your child in modeling classes can help them learn essential skills such as posing, walking, and facial expressions. These classes can also help your child develop confidence and improve their overall performance in front of the camera.

Work on kid modeling posing: Posing is an essential part of modeling, and it takes practice to perfect. Work with your child on different poses, such as standing, seated, and action poses. Encourage your child to experiment with other expressions and body language to create various looks.

Build your child's confidence: Modeling can be intimidating for some children, so it's essential to help them feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Practice positive reinforcement and praise your child for their efforts. 

Please encourage them to express their creativity and individuality through poses and expressions.

Encourage your child to have fun: Modeling should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Please encourage them to have fun with their poses and to experiment with different expressions and body language. Modeling should not be a stressful or negative experience for your child.

How Much Do Carter’s Baby Models Make?

The exact amount that Carter's baby models make can vary because of several factors, including the child's age, modeling job type, and duration. However, baby models for Carter's can typically earn anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour.

It's important to note that modeling rates can vary depending on the location and the market. Models who work in larger cities or are represented by agencies may earn higher rates than those who work in smaller markets or are just starting.

In addition to the hourly rate, some modeling jobs may include additional compensation such as travel expenses, wardrobe allowances, and usage fees for the photos or videos taken during the shoot. This fee can add up to a significant amount and make a big difference in a child's overall earnings as a model.

It's essential to remember that modeling is a competitive industry, and not all children who audition for Carter's will be selected as models. However, for those who are chosen, modeling for Carter's can be a rewarding and lucrative experience.

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Where to Find Kids Casting Calls for Carter’s?

One of the best places to find kids casting calls for Carter's and other significant brands is It's a casting planform that connects parents with casting opportunities for their children, including modeling, acting, and other performance jobs.

When you sign up for, you can create a unique profile for your child and browse various available casting calls. The platform also sends regular email updates with new casting calls that match your child's profile.

Other places where you can find casting calls for Carter's and other brands include online casting directories, social media, and industry publications. However, using a reputable casting network like can help you save time and increase your chances of finding high-quality casting opportunities for your child.


Becoming Carter's model can be exciting for children and parents alike. If you're interested in getting your child into modeling for Carter's or other major brands, there are several steps you can take. 

These include building a solid portfolio, finding casting opportunities through reputable casting networks like, and improving your child's modeling skills through classes and practice. 

It's also important to remember that modeling is a competitive industry, and not all children who audition for Carter's will be selected as models. 

However, being proactive, persistent, and patient can increase your child's chances of success and help them achieve their modeling dreams.

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