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How to Get an Agent for Acting as a Kid?

How to Get an Agent for Acting as a Kid?

  1. Do you need an agent to be a child actor?
  2. Where can you find a good agent for your child?
  3. What will an agent do for the child actor?
  4. How much does it cost to have a talent agent for the child?
  5. Momager or acting agent?

Do you need an agent to be a child actor?

The child actor will get considered and even hired with or without the representation of an agent. As a parent, you can always try and do the research about casting calls and the following steps yourself. Just be realistic - it can end up being more than you can afford to spend time on, while directly affecting the aspiring acting career chances for your kid. This is where the agent comes in handy - it’s his/hers profession to research, widen and get acting opportunities for clients like your aspiring child actor.

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Where can you find a good agent for your child?

Research the world wide web, or ask people involved within the industry, to find someone who has a respectable resume and is known to work with child actors. Just keep in mind that it goes both ways - the agent has to like the potential client just as much as you have to like him for an agent. In the case of decline from the agent’s side, definitely don’t give up - it’s nothing personal and doesn’t mean your offspring will remain agent-less forever. The same as the actors differ, the agents have different opinions on what type of talent they wish to work with. You’d be working together very closely, so you are better off not wasting time with someone who doesn’t truly believe the child’s talent anyways.

What will an agent do for the child actor?

What will an agent do for your kid

An agent will create and send out a resume of the child to the castings, as well as handle other professional publicity platforms in order to widen the chances of getting acting work. Those will be based on the agent's specific knowledge, like picking the best headshots, working on demo reels, and reviewing what works best for your kid’s skillset, so you know which type of castings to apply to.

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Even more importantly, agents have the experience and connections to personally pitch their clients to the casting directors, producers, and other industry leaders. While getting the job is ultimately up to the aspiring child actors' own talents, having an agent can go a long way in getting the audition in the first place. Finally, an agent can provide the child with much-needed advice and mentorship in the industry. Basing it on the received feedback from other experts and their own experienced opinion, they can help from simple style and image tips for gaining extra attention at castings to crucial advice on what type of actor the kid really should try to be. A talent agent can build the very foundation of the young artist's career from the ground up.

How much does it cost to have a talent agent for the child?

Having a talent agent won’t cost you anything upfront. That’s the widely accepted practice for adult actors, as well as artists, musicians, or athletes, and the exact same thing applies to child actors. While the number depends on the specific agent you are considering signing the child actor with, and the negotiations you’ll hold, the commission fee in the U.S. won’t exceed 10% of the aspiring actors' earnings. The logic behind the fee is an obvious one - if the agent doesn’t do his job well, and the actor doesn’t get paid as the result, the agent doesn’t get paid either. How you can achieve more without an agent

Momager or acting agent?

Yes, if you decide against hiring an agent for your aspiring child actor, and do the whole ordeal yourself, you’ll keep it all in the family - including 100% of any earnings the kid makes. Yes, there are certainly plenty of examples of mothers taking their children’s aspirations and talents into their own hands and turning them into worldwide known superstars. After all, a mother knows her child’s emotions, quirks, and health better than anyone else ever could, which tremendously helps in the aspiring actor becoming the best he or she can be.

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Moreover, dealing with agents can turn sour and result in ruined relationships and lengthy lawsuits, because parents and agents can have different opinions on what's best for the child. Bef

ore you decide to take the role of a ‘momager’, you must realize that the primary task is to guide your child-client into the first steps of various aspects of the entertainment industry. It includes creating and managing their portfolio, applying to casting calls, time planning, commute to the auditions and more. Not everyone has organizational, communication, and marketing skills to cut it as a talent agent, but you can learn it all. View this as a career opportunity not only for your kids, but also yourself. Remember, not every aspiring child actor is guaranteed to become a Hollywood star overnight, so don't lose focus. Keep learning about the industry, learn new skills and keep your kids portfolio up to date. It might also be valuable for you to learn more about business management, marketing, sales and accounting. It's important to have your goals clear and work towards them every day. Are you ready to kickstart your kids' career? Browse casting calls from big & small brands on KidsCasting, apply and book auditions now. We can't wait to see your kid on the big screen or walking the red carpet.

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