KidsCasting Review: Child Actor Tahar Singh Kang

KidsCasting is excited to share the most recent review of our platform by our little member (or, to be exact, by his parents), Tahar Singh Kang. 

Tahar Singh Kang was only nine months when he got his first ever project through He took part in a web video commercial for LeapFrog (an educational toy company), and he loved it. 

Despite his very, very young age and some worries from his parents about what to expect on a set, they've shared that the experience was super positive, the atmosphere was very welcoming, and everyone was kind and charming while explaining what was required. The job was done in a blink of an eye, and parents were so proud and happy to see their child enjoying the process. 

KidsCasting is inviting children of all ages, starting as young as newborns. We have thousands of paid projects for cool brands like toy companies, educational channels, retailer stores, fashion, TV, baby strollers, and so much more. 

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