How to Become a Child Actor at 12?

How to Become a Child Actor at 12?

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  1. Can a 12-year-old Start Acting?
  2. How Can You're Child Start Acting at 12 With No Experience?
  3. How Many Hours Can a 12-year-old Actor Work?
  4. Do 12-year-old Kid Actors Get Paid?
  5. Do 12-year-old Kid Actors Go to School?
  6. What Actors Started Acting at 12?
  7. Where to Find Casting Calls for 12-year-old Actors?

If you're considering introducing your 12-year-old to the world of acting, or if they're already interested in pursuing it, becoming a child actor can be both exciting and confusing. Starting out, you may wonder how to begin, what age is best to start acting, and how to find opportunities. Although it may seem challenging, you can achieve anything with industry knowledge and determination.

Can a 12-year-old Start Acting?

Becoming a child actor at 12 is possible. It requires commitment, dedication, and hard work to make it in such a competitive industry. 

1. The first step is to build an acting resume - this could include:

  • Personal information: name, contact information, social media accounts.
  • Training and education: any classes, workshops, auditions, or projects that you have had in the past. 
  • Acting experience: any roles you have had in the past.
  • Special skills: any skills or talent that can be relevant to a specific role. 
  • Achievements and awards: if you have won any awards or achievements related to acting, list them on your resume. 
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2. Once this is done, it's important to have professional headshots taken – find out which photographers specialize in creating shots for actors.

Tips for Better Acting Headshots for Children

3. From there, it's time to join the audition circuit and submit yourself for roles; you'll likely find many postings online through casting websites like KidsCasting. 

4. Finally, stay organized – create a folder with all your materials so you can easily refer to them when needed.

How Can Your Child Start Acting at 12 With No Experience?

It can be challenging for parents to know how to support their 12-year-old's dream of becoming an actor. Without prior experience, they may feel overwhelmed by this unfamiliar challenge. Here are some ways you can support and motivate your twelve-year-old as they start acting:


They can begin by exploring modeling opportunities as a route into acting. Since much of a child's acting will be based on their facial reactions and movements, having an awareness of basic modeling skills can help give them the edge they need to land their first role.

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They can start by making a headshot portfolio and familiarizing themselves with the tools used by casting directors, such as cold reading techniques and improvisation exercises. With enough dedication and practice, your 12-year-old could soon be making their on-screen debut!

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Acting Classes

At the age of 12, kids aspiring to become child actors usually have little or no experience in this field. Enrolling your child in acting classes is one of the best ways to start gaining some. This will help them learn all the necessary skills like memorizing lines, projecting their voice, and understanding stage directions.

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Acting classes can also bring forth other skills essential for any successful actor, such as expressing emotions, improvisation, making good facial expressions, and developing physical movements that help convey different actions and stories. In addition, enrolling your child in an acting class provides a safe and encouraging learning environment where they will be able to gain confidence and develop their craft under the supervision of experts from the industry.

Free Short-films

One another great way to get experience as a child actor is by starring in a free short film.

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Thanks to the internet, there are many production companies offering free short films for aspiring actors to star in – and only requiring them to be committed and talented. While free short films won't make much money up front, they're an excellent way to help your teenager learn the ropes of acting and build their resume with impressive credit. Plus, once they gain some experience and success, their opportunities will continue to open up.

Local Theaters

Finally, get involved in local theater. This will be a great way to gain experience, learn more about acting techniques, and be comfortable on stage.

Do 12-year-old Kid Actors Get Paid

Talk to the staff at theaters and community theater groups in your area to find out if your child can join any youth productions or classes. Working with directors, other professionals, and seasoned actors will help your child acquire skills, gain practical experience, and excel in their new craft.

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How Many Hours Can a 12-year-old Actor Work?

The number of hours teenagers can work is heavily regulated. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, minors as young as seven years old may be able to audition and work in television shows and films, but only for up to 8 hours on school days, with only 3 hours of those 8 hours allowed during school hours.

These limits are reduced further on “non-school” days, where an actor age 12 or under is limited to no more than 9 hours and under 18 years old no more than 8 total hours. Additionally, child actors between the ages of 7 and 16 can have no more than 6 consecutive days of working on a project. It is in everyone's best interests, including for the actor's safety, health, and well-being, that these restrictions are adhered to strictly.

Do 12-year-old Kid Actors Get Paid?

When considering whether 12-year-old kid actors can get paid, it is important to note that the amount of pay they receive depends largely on the type of work they're doing. Those working in feature films, television series, or commercials will likely earn much higher rates than those performing in skits or theater pieces.

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Additionally, location and other factors may majorly impact their earnings. Because young actors typically do not have unions protecting them, industry standards for wages will vary from place to place and situation to situation. It is also important to mention that payment may come in the form of payment for the performance or otherwise, with some contracts including contingent payments depending on profits or receiving residual payments as well.

The Spotlight Awaits Your Little Star!
Hollywood is on the lookout for its next child sensation.
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Do 12-year-old Kid Actors Go to School?

Many child actors find a way to balance both filming and attending school, either through traditional schooling or home education. Sometimes, students even attend private on-set tutoring or classes provided by their production company.

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Thanks to modern technology and streaming content, the growth in popular shows allows for more opportunities for kids to participate in world-class productions while still gaining an education—it is up to the individual to make it happen!

What Actors Started Acting at 12?

Starting their careers at 12, many actors have achieved acclaim in television and film. Notable examples include James Dean, Abigail Breslin, Elle Fanning, Jodie Foster, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Although celebrity actor fame is harder to come by for those starting later in life than others, with dedication and hard work, it's still possible to enjoy success as an actor beginning at age 12.

Where to Find Casting Calls for 12-year-old Actors?

Casting call companies are dedicated to helping you as a young actor find suitable roles. These casting call platforms use their extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and make it easy to keep track of which casting companies have casting calls available, as well as when and where they will be held so you can attend with the potential to get your dream job.

KidsCasting is an ideal platform for young and aspiring models and actors. They possess expertise in casting youth talent and prioritize safety measures in providing casting opportunities.

Discover the Inner Actor in Your Child!
Dive into opportunities for a film and TV debut for your young one.
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