How to Become a Child Actor?

How to Become a Child Actor?

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  1. What Is the Child Acting?
  2. How to Decide If My Child Should Become an Actor?
  3. What Is the Best Age to Start an Acting Career?
  4. How to Become an Actor as a Kid?
    1. Finding Acting Classes and Workshops for Children.
    2. Take Professional Headshots.
    3. Make a Demo Reel for a Child Actor.
    4. Create an Acting Resume for Your Child.
    5. Find a Reputable Acting Agency for Kids.
    6. Practice a Monologue.
    7. Preparing for Kids' Acting Auditions.
    8. Where to Find Kids Acting Castings?
      1. Joining Acting Unions.
      2. KidsCasting.
  5. Pros of Becoming a Kid Actor.

What Is the Child Acting?

Child acting is a thrilling profession where talented kids can showcase their skills on stage, film, and television. It's an exciting career but demands dedication and hard work, just like any other job.

How to Decide If My Child Should Become an Actor?

If your child has expressed an interest in acting and you're considering letting them pursue it, there are a few things to consider.

  • Typically, child actors exhibit commendable behavior, demonstrating professionalism while working alongside adults and fellow young performers on set.
  • Sometimes, missing school for auditions and bookings is necessary. That's why it's vital for them to easily get back on track with their classes and stay ahead on their homework.
  • You must be your child's go-to person for booking and audition information. It takes time, patience, and energy, but the rewards are worth it.
  • Embarking on a professional acting career is like embarking on a journey, and it's meant to be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

What Is the Best Age to Start an Acting Career?

There are no strict rules for the perfect age to start an acting career. Each child is unique and ready to pursue professional acting at different stages in life. Some start at four, while others may only consider it in late adolescence. Most casting directors prefer children aged five to nine. At this age, kids can understand instructions easily and take directions well.

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When deciding when your child should start acting, remember that age is just one factor. Consider their capabilities, interests, experience, and personality. Let the casting director determine suitability for a role based on these criteria.

How to Become an Actor as a Kid?

If you've decided to take the plunge and let your child become an actor, several steps must be taken for them to get started.

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Auditions for Kids

Finding Acting Classes and Workshops for Children

Kids aspiring to become child actors usually need more experience in this field. Enlisting your kid in acting classes is one of the finest ways to gain some. A good program will help them develop the necessary skills to become a successful actor.

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Take Professional Headshots

Headshots are a must for any actor, regardless of age. They should be taken by a professional photographer who can flatter your child's features and make them look their best.

Make a Demo Reel for the Child Actor

Create an impressive demo reel to showcase your child's acting talent. Keep it short and captivating, no more than three minutes. Hire an experienced director to capture scenes that will make your reel stand out.

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Create an Acting Resume for Your Child

Creating a professional acting resume is essential. You can include:

  • Child's full name, age, and contact information,
  • Education, expertise, previous positions, and achievements,
  • One-page limit,
  • Performance skills, sports, physical activities,
  • Engaging in hobbies, participating in service activities, and
  • The unique characteristics and strengths they possess.

How to create child acting resume

Find a Reputable Acting Agency for Kid

Parents should research talent agencies for young actors. When seeking an agency, ensure they are legitimate and don't require upfront fees or sign-up money. Consider joining KidsCasting, an ideal platform for young models and actors. They specialize in casting youth talent and prioritize safety in providing casting opportunities.

Practice a Monologue

Acting monologues can help your child to develop great acting skills. Working on a monologue also helps them focus and think on their feet. Practice in front of the mirror so they are more comfortable when auditioning or performing live. Ensure your child is prepared with at least two short, one-minute monologues fully memorized and ready to impress.

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Preparing for Kids' Acting Auditions

Auditions are nerve-wracking, but your child can be one of the standouts with the right prep work and practice. Teach them to bring confidence to the room—take a few deep breaths before entering and have positive body language. Watch movies and look at auditions online so they can familiarize themselves with different audition techniques.

Where to Find Kids Acting Castings?

Joining Acting Unions

The SAG-AFTRA is a union for media professionals. Being part of the union allows them to apply for jobs through SAG-affiliated casting websites that offer numerous opportunities.


KidsCasting is an excellent platform for child actors to obtain casting calls from some of the industry's best talent agents and scouts. Parents can also find job postings, casting events, and more on their website. 

Pros of Becoming a Kid Actor

Being a child actor is about fame, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences! Some benefits of being a child actor include:

  1. Boosts confidence: Children gain the courage to perform and express themselves in front of an audience.
  2. Instills discipline: Following instructions and collaborating with others becomes second nature.
  3. Exciting opportunities: Travel, meet new people, and immerse in different cultures.
  4. Develops valuable skills: Public speaking and improvisation enhance their abilities for the future.
  5. Family bonding: Witness your child's journey and growth as an actor, creating unforgettable memories.
  6. Earn while pursuing passion: Kids can make extra money doing what they love.
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