How To Make a Child Actor Resume?

How to make Child Actor Resume

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  1. Basic Information for Kid Acting Resume.
    1. Name.
    2. Contact Information.
    3. Location.
    4. Appearance.
  2. Headshots for Kids Acting Resume.
  3. Training and Experience.
    1. Acting Classes.
    2. Workshops.
    3. Any Performance Experience.
  4. How to Fill in the Item if the Child Has No Acting Experience.
  5. Include Awards or Recognition in the Child's Acting Resume.
  6. Template Child Acting Resume.
  7. Conclusion.

A strong acting resume will help your kid actor land more roles. If you need help with how to create one, do not worry. You can follow templates to create the perfect acting resume. This guide will walk you through how to make a child actor resume.

You need to do the basics right. Once you have done that, you can craft a perfect resume for your kid actor, even if they do not have any acting experience.

Basic Information for Kid Acting Resume

The basic information section for a kid's acting resume is crucial. It tells the casting director (or whoever is looking at the resume) some critical things about the candidate. Simple things like avoiding typos are essential. It makes your kid’s acting resume look more professional.

Basic Information for Kid Acting Resume

The introductory section is also called the header. This section includes information like name, location, contact information, and more. However, it will be different from other resumes. For example, you should not put an objective section.

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On top of your kid's acting resume, there should always be their name. Be sure that you have spelled it correctly and remember basic grammar, such as capitalization of the first latter of their name. Always use their real and full name. 

Contact Information

After the name, you will have the contact information. Keep this accurate. Double-check this section to ensure everything is correct. Include details like phone number, email (if the kid has one), and social links.


The location should include your complete address. Include the city, state, and also the Zip code. Location information is crucial as well. Many casting directors might want someone who lives close to the shooting location.


Show business is all about having the right look. Casting the right person for the role can make or break the movie or show. You do not have to name this section as appearance, though. It can also be called 'Personal Information'.

Here, you will add things like age, height, the color of the kid's eyes, hair, etc. All the things that would qualify as personal information and appearance.

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Headshots for Kids Acting Resume

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Therefore, include headshots for a kid’s acting resume. You cannot just add any portrait shot, though. There are specific rules.

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The pictures should be good quality, but you're not obligated to book a pro photographer for that. When it comes to kid's headshots, the most important thing is to keep them fresh and never use old photos as kid's change their appearance fast while growing up. 

Headshots for Kids Acting Resume requirements

Here are the industry standards for printed headshots: 

Include Color Photos: Headshots should be in color, of course. The industry has moved well past black-and-white photos.

Proper Size: The size should be 8x10 inches. It’s the most common print size for headshots.

Include the Name: Also, add the name on the front. Choose a font that is easy to read and pleasing to look at. Moreover, pick a manageable font size. Avoid covering the photo behind it. Some headshots have an external border. You can print the name on this border.

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If you are sending out printed resumes, always remember to attach the printed headshots at the back of the resume.

If you use a digital format, there is a correct format for that too. Raw photos from professional cameras produce huge pictures. And that might be too much for some websites to process. Therefore, follow this format:

Compressed Format: Any format like JPEG, PNG, or JPG is perfect for compressed digital photos. They do not distort the quality, and the face can be seen clearly. Some casting sites accept the TIFF formats well.

When you are attaching photos, they might tell you what format the images should be in. Pay attention to that.

High Res: High-resolution digital photos should have a DPI of at least 300. This will ensure that it looks good both as a thumbnail and a large image.

Pro Tip: It is a good idea for digital photos to have a tighter crop. It allows the casting manager to see the eyes easier.

Training and Experience

This section will be crucial to get the part. Make sure to include all relevant training and acting experience your kid has. Highlight what the kid actor learned through the training and their experiences.

However, when listing them, do not order them in reverse chronological order as regular resumes tell you to. You should group them by type. This will be easier for the casting manager to skim through. Also, if there are significant gaps, it will not make it look awkward.

Acting Classes

List any acting classes the kid took. If one particular class is relevant for the role, mention that first. Have the name of the institution at the top. Then list the details below. Include what classes they took and when they took them.

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Workshops will work the same way. You should list the name of the workshop at the top. Then the details will go below it. Ensure to list what the workshop was about and the date or year. The point here is to highlight what acting skills your kid learned.

Any Performance Experience

As we mentioned earlier, listing experiences and training by type is better. If your kid actor has worked in TV and Film, make separate sections for each. Depending on the role the kid is auditioning for, they put the relevant type first.

Name the show or movie the kid played a role in. Then follow it with the part and also the name of the studio or production house. 

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You may also add the year or time they had that part. If your kid is applying for a role in a commercial, conflicts are something to think about. However, it is best to list them if requested.

How to Fill in the Item if the Child Has No Acting Experience

If your child has no acting experience, you can still create a fantastic resume by listing any relevant acting jobs. They do not have professional jobs for major studios. It could be for student films or hobby projects.

Even if the kid had to do projects for their workshops or training, include them. When filling a resume with no acting resume, you can lean on other sections like training and education. Highlight those sections as best as you can.

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Special Child Skills

Adding a special child skill also helps when there is no experience. Special skills will help the kid actor stand out. It is better than adding a fluff experience. A special skill could be any skill the kid actor can bring to the role.

Things like being able to play a musical instrument, sing, voice acting, dance, or even do martial arts could be considered valuable skills. 

You should never miss out on mentioning these. Language skills are a valuable addition as well. Interesting language skills or accents could be very helpful for specific roles.

Include Awards or Recognition in the Child's Acting Resume 

If your child actor has won awards, then make sure to include them. They are a great way to draw attention to the resume. Awards and recognitions do not have to be only acting ones. They can be any kind, even academic as well.

Mention the type of recognition they got. Then follow it with the details. Do not clutter the space, though. It should be short and to the point.

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Template Child Acting Resume

The best way to make the perfect resume is to use a template for a child actor resume. You will be able to follow the best practices.

Here at Kids Casting, you automatically generate a resume while creating your profile. We use the best practices in the industry for creating a resume-worthy profile that you can download any time you want. So, join us today to create your child’s resume.


Creating a resume for a child performer is an extremely sensitive matter. A well-made resume can be the difference between your child getting part and being rejected. So, be careful and follow our guide to creating an awesome resume. 

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope that this article was able to help you and your little one.

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