How to Make a Portfolio for Child Modeling?

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  1. About Emily Broderick.
  2. What is a Child Modeling Portfolio?
  3. Why Do You Need a Kid's Modeling Portfolio?
  4. What Should Be Included in the Kid's Modeling Portfolio?
  5. What are Kids' Modelling Portfolio Requirements?
  6. Do You Need Professional Headshoots for a Children's Modeling Portfolio?
  7. What Clothes Should a Kid Wear for a Modeling Portfolio Shoot?
  8. Kids' Modeling Portfolio Tips.

About Emily Broderick

Emily Broderick has worked as the Senior Videographer at Kolcraft for over three years. She specializes in casting and directing children in videos, having cast over 50 videos featuring kids and capturing their natural curiosity, innocence, and joy on camera. Emily is committed to producing genuine and heartwarming content that connects with viewers of every age. By reading this article, you will gain valuable insights and ideas on how to create a portfolio for child modeling.

What is a Child Modeling Portfolio?

A kids' modeling portfolio is a collection of professional photos and other materials that showcase a child's talent, experience level, personality, and potential as a model. In today's competitive modeling industry, a strong portfolio is essential for children aspiring to become successful models.

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Why Do You Need a Kids' Modeling Portfolio? 

First of all, a portfolio is a representation of your child. It shows off work and experience level. Besides, it includes information about the child's appearance, skills, and traits. Remember that a modeling portfolio creates a first impression. We all know this saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That’s the reason why it should be the best. Make sure that you stand out. Who are they? Why are they here? The answers to these questions about your child should be found in the portfolio. 

What Should Be Included in the Kid's Modeling Portfolio?

Things that should be included are pictures, information (age, height, skills, contact info), previous work, and video.


Pictures go first. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to them. The most important thing is to smile. Yes, kids can frown or just be sad. However, a cute little smile is the secret of the adorable photo. The kids should feel comfortable and excited. Do not pick the picture in which they are looking away or feel uncomfortable. 

Age, Name, and All Basic Info

The more information, the better. It can be a great idea to include the date of birth if you are comfortable because age is really important. Being specific with months can be crucial if your kid is under one. However, it is intimate, so it's up to the parent's discretion.

It's great to add a video slate if you have one. Such a video of a child saying their name, age, and other things about them is a great way to show personality and leave a positive impression.

Professionals Skills

It goes without saying that all babies have specific skills. If they are small but can already walk, or if they respond to music, dance, or have athletic skills or acting talents, it is a great idea to mention this information. Besides, you can include information about the languages the child speaks. Remember to keep it updated. When things are updated, it shows that you are serious and responsible. Note that not only hard skills but also soft skills matter. For example, if your child loves to be around people and has no stranger danger, you can include it.

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Child Modeling Experience

If the agency looks for a newborn, they mostly don't expect them to have previous work. In case you have it, it is important to add it. You may also include information about previous experience in a video slate. 

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What are Kids' Modelling Portfolio Requirements?

There are no exact requirements. However, you should mention all the skills and talents. Focus on what and for whom you are doing - what the casting director will be looking for and what can interest them. If possible, add different accompanying information for each casting. This will help make your application stand out and demonstrate the casting director's interest.

Dos and Don'ts of Child Modeling Porfolio

Do You Need Professional Headshots for a Children's Modeling Portfolio?

If we are speaking about children under 10 years, the pictures shouldn't be professional if they are over 10 years – maybe. One way, or another, the photos should have good quality. There can be a variety of good options: you can use a school photo, or maybe you know photographers who are ready to take photos for free since they are new in this sphere and want to add different photos to their portfolio. Remember that the crucial thing is that a picture should be clear. It also doesn't need to be perfectly edited. As for the background, it's better to choose one which is clear and not distracting. You can take a great picture by yourself if the camera of your phone is pretty good. For example, if the weather is great, you can simply go outside, find a cool location and take an adorable photo of your kid. Just don't do things that can change the way your child looks. It is important not to use filters, as the picture should be natural. Also, avoid such mistakes as using random photos from your camera roll or showing a sad, angry, or uninterested child. The picture should be recent, or you can take photos often since we all know that kids grow fast, especially when they are babies.

What Clothes Should a Kid Wear for a Modeling Portfolio Shoot?

Actually, it's up to you. However, here are some tips that can help you with the decision: 

  • The clothes for a portfolio shoot should be age-appropriate and not distracting. The kid shouldn't be dressed like a teenager and vice versa.
  • Pick something that they are comfortable in. 
  • Kids shouldn't wear sunglasses, hats, or other things that can obscure their faces. In case your child wears glasses regularly, you can just take a photo of them. By the way, you can include this information. If they also use contact lenses, it may be a good decision to take both photos, with and without glasses. The main thing is that you should represent the child the way they are.
  • It can also be cool to wear clothes according to the casting. For example, if it is a winter product, you may wear a coat.
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Kids' Modeling Portfolio Tips

  1. Tip#1 - Always start by adding the best pictures. Keep in mind that images carry significant importance and should not be overlooked. They should necessarily be included.
  2. Tip#2 - Keep your child's portfolio as updated as possible. Children are growing and changing fast, so updating portfolios with the most relevant information is crucial. 
  3. Tip#3 - Use the software and all the tools you are given. It can be really convenient and helpful. 
  4. Tip#4 - Remember that spending a lot of money is unnecessary, especially if you don't want to. You can make use of the tools available at your home to accomplish your goals.
  5. Tip#5 - Let your older child have input. Ask their opinion, like if they love pictures or don't, as their portfolio is a thing that represents themselves. 
  6. Tip#6 - Your kids should not take it personally if they are not selected, as the decision often comes down to timing and circumstances. It is important to remember that it is not a personal reflection of oneself. The key is to continue applying and increase the chances of success by submitting multiple applications.
  7. Tip#7 - To improve the likelihood of being chosen, it is important to act promptly and respond swiftly. Check your messages regularly. Responsiveness can play a vital role in increasing your chances of being selected.
  8. Tip#8 - If you have a lot of assets, put them in one place. It would be really convenient to share information this way.
  9. Tip#9 - Establishing connections and building your network is crucial. Consider contacting agencies and following up with them, as they may add you to their database of applicants, which could lead to potential opportunities in the future. Moreover, building relationships with relevant contacts could increase your chances of being selected.
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