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What will your Kid gain?
Confidence & Public Speaking
Acting and Modeling presents kids with an opportunity to perform in public settings, which is a great way to gain more confidence and improve public speaking skills!
Any type of performance art will be a great medium for self-expression for a child. With the help of acting and modeling, your kid can make sense of their emotions and develop their own ideas through their performances.
New Friendships
Whether it's in waiting rooms for auditions, or on set of a project, your child will often be surrounded by kids his or her own age, which is a great opportunity to make new friends!

Each KidsCasting subscription for 6 months or more automatically grants you the KidsCasting Guarantee.

If a Casting Director or an Agent does not contact you within six months, here's where the Guarantee comes in: we will give you additional SIX MONTHS FOR FREE, for you to continue your explorations!

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