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Searching Kids for "Frozen: The Broadway Musical"

Maple Valley, WA, United States
ID: 557352Exp: 10/2/2023
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Frozen: The Broadway Musical Audition. Seeking kids in grades K- 8. Please see the details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Additional info: Performances are January 19, 20, 26, 27, February 1, 2, and 3 at 7 p.m. There will be matinees on January 20, 27, and February 3 at 2 pm. There will be an invited preview performance on January 18. There is also the possibility of a couple of school shows for district elementary schools (TBD). To audition, please submit a video of your child singing EITHER Elsa’s “Northern Lights” (measures 1-10) OR Anna’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” (measures 1-20). Please keep in mind that students are NOT auditioning for specific roles - but if they are hoping for a certain role, they could certainly pick the song for the character they are most interested in. Students can also submit both songs if they would like. Boys should also sing one of these two songs, but they do not have to sing them in character as Anna or Elsa (they can choose to personify Kristoff if they’d like!). Your child should introduce themselves and the name of the song they are singing at the start of the video. Materials for the two audition songs can be found in the attachment. If interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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24 roles

AnnaFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead Soprano; Mix/Belt Bottom: D5 Top: G3 Princess of Arendelle and Elsa’s younger sister; an eternal optimist who longs to be loved and to connect with other people, especially her sister; fueled by boundless energy, she will stop at nothing to fearlessly protect those she loves

ElsaFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead Mezzo Soprano Bottom: F#3 Top: D5 Princess and, later, Queen of Arendelle; Anna’s older sister born with magical powers; isolates herself from others out of fear she may hurt them, especially Anna; finds her power in letting go of her fears and learning to let love in

KristoffMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead Baritone Bottom: G2 Top: A3 A hardworking ice harvester with a sarcastic veneer and prickly exterior that hides a big heart; a bit of a loner until he meets Anna, who brightens his world

HansMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting Tenor Bottom: G2 Top: B3 The charming and ambitious Prince of the Southern Isles who craves a sense of belonging and, more unexpectedly, power; proves that first impressions can be wrong

OlafBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting Tenor Bottom: F#2 Top: D4 A goofy and loving magical snowman who dreams of experiencing summer; created by Anna and Elsa when they were young; childlike in his awe of everything and his optimism

SvenMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting Non-Singing Kristoff’s fiercely loyal reindeer best friend.

OakenBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Baritone An amiable wandering salesperson and advocate of hygge, cheerful and jolly even in the darkness and cold of winter

Queen IdunaFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Mezzo Soprano Compassionate Queen of Arendelle and descendant of the Northern Nomads; loving mother to Anna and Elsa

King AgnarrMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Baritone Warm-hearted King of Arendelle and protective father to Anna and Elsa.

PabbieMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Baritone Wise, mysterious, charismatic, and gentle patriarch of the Hidden Folk. Baritone. Tall, muscular, striking, handsome, statuesque.

BuldaMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Alto Nurturing, funny, empathetic, and spirited matriarch of the Hidden Folk. Fantastic belt voice and excellent movement/dance skills.

WeseltonMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Baritone An impolite and judgmental Duke from a neighboring kingdom who is suspicious about power in the hands of women.

BishopBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Featured Non-Singing Bishop of Arendelle, tasked with overseeing the succession of the monarchy.

Young AnnaFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting Mezzo-Soprano Bottom: A3 Top: D5 Younger version of the Princess; a spirited troublemaker with over-the-top enthusiasm; mesmerized by her sister’s magic and desperate to be in her company.

Young ElsaFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting Mezzo-Soprano Bottom: A3 Top: C#5 Younger version of the elder Princess; an obedient daughter who wants to make her parents proud; delights in Anna’s antics and playful nature; fears her powers and turns inward to protect those around her from harm.

GUARDBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

HEAD HANDMAIDENBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

FEMALE TOWNSPEOPLEFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

MALE TOWNSPEOPLEMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

HIDDEN FOLKMale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

HIDDEN FOLK WOMANFemale6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

FAMILYBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

FRIENDSBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities

VOLUNTEERSBoth genders6-14 y.o.All ethnicities