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Casting Talents for Film - "Weird People"

United StatesID: 531836Exp: 1/29/2023

When her family visits a hotel in the middle of nowhere, a curious young girl encounters racist threats that force her to grow up fast.

Raven Carter

3 roles

Raegan - LeadFemale9-13 y.o.African-American

Raegan is a curious, adventurous girl. She loves to joke around and play games but remains oblivious to the potential threats of the world around her. That changes, though, when she goes on vacation with her best friend. Strangers stare at her in menacing ways and she has to grow up quickly when she discovers the racist motivations behind their unkind eyes. *MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM*

Henley - SupportingFemale9-13 y.o.White / Caucasian

Henley, the sweetest girl you could ever meet, is all too familiar with things sweet. She’s always had a sweet life, sweet and wealthy parents, and sweet words from her teachers. She loves her best friend Raegan but they begin to grow apart as Raegan is forced to grow up and Henley is not. *Basic Swimming Preferred*

CJ - SupportingMale12-17 y.o.African-American

CJ is a nonchalant teenager with devotion only to his Game Boy while on family vacation. His goal is to be top 500 in the country and he won’t let anyone get in the way. CJ is typically annoyed by his sister and parents. However, when racism wreaks havoc throughout the hotel, he knows it’s time to tighten up and follow his parents’ lead.