How to Teach a Toddler to Walk in a Pageant?

How to Teach a Toddler to Walk in a Pageant?

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  1. Get Your Child Interested In Toddler Pageants.
  2. Help Your Child Get Familiar With The Toddler Pageant Stage.
  3. Easy Steps To Teach A Toddler To Walk In A Pageant.
    1. Step 1: Moving On Stage.
    2. Step 2: Give Your Toddler Some Simple Instructions.
    3. Step 3: Control Their Nerves.
    4. Step 4: Help Your Toddler Gain Confidence.
  4. Bonus.
  5. Practice Toddler Walking In A Pageant.

If you think your toddler has the charisma and charm to be part of the entertainment industry, especially toddler pageants, and you want them to be part of the show business. Still, you need to learn how to achieve it. We tell you that there are certain vital factors that every parent should know to start successfully, and one of them is teaching a toddler to walk in a pageant. 

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It may be tricky at the beginning because they are two or three-year-old children, so the first attempts to teach a toddler to walk can be awkward. Parents can teach their children to take over the stage and captivate their audience with the proper guidance.

This simple guide for parents will give you some practical tips to help you do just that so your child can shine on stage.

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Get Your Child Interested In Toddler Pageants

One of the first steps to start is to get your toddler to know what a child pageant is, to see other children on stage, to see what the competitions are like, what a stage looks like, and to be excited by the lights and the applause from the audience. One recommendation is to show them several online videos of a child pageant. It will help to awaken their interest and make them try to imitate what they see on the screen. 

Get your child interested in toddler pageants

The idea is that the child wants to participate in this new experience to see how fun and entertaining it is for other children. 

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Help Your Child Get Familiar With The Toddler Pageant Stage

Don't worry. You don't need to have a big stage at home; you can make it in your living room, on the carpet. The idea is to help your toddler move comfortably around an area and feel confident in front of others' eyes.

Easy steps to teach a toddler to walk in a pageant

Easy steps to teach a toddler to walk in a pageant

Step 1: Moving on stage.

To begin, we recommend you stand next to your toddler, hold one of their hands, and guide them to one side of the stage and nothing else. Try to keep the whole process as simple as possible so as not to arouse your toddler's anxiety.

Pro tip: place a mirror in front of you during practice so your toddler can see what they look like when smiling or waving. Remember that the key to your child’s success in a toddler pageant is to be able to perform gestures naturally.

Step 2: Give your toddler some simple instructions. 

Once you've walked back and forth with your child on stage, we can move on a bit. Stand behind your toddler, assume the squat position, place your hands lightly in the space between their ribs and hips, and whisper some directions. 

Please avoid putting your hands on their shoulders, as you may limit the execution of some movements. Try to start with the fun and simple things. For example: tell your toddler to raise their hands.

Once they have complied with your instructions, retake your toddler hand and move to another spot on "your stage" and repeat this process; for example, ask them to shake their shoulders or their hips. 

Pro tip: Congratulate your child every time they comply correctly. Remember that making this a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience is essential.

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Step 3: Control their nerves.

If during the process of teaching your toddler to walk in a pageant, you notice that your child seems anxious or nervous, go back to the squatting position, take your toddler’s hand and make them do one or two laps around you; you can lift them in your arms or even ask them to make funny faces to smile so that they relax.

Then, guide your toddler around the stage, do a few laps and return to the starting position behind them, giving new instructions, such as to smile, wave one hand, and place their hands under their cheek as if they were sleeping. 

Step 4: Help your toddler gain confidence 

To give your toddler the confidence boost they need to perform confidently in front of an audience at toddler pageants, we suggest that you invite friends or family members to watch their routines. Even ask your child to introduce themselves to develop a more outgoing personality.  


Create a little routine for your child, something simple; mark two or three points with tape on the floor that you are practicing with and indicate at each point what they should do, stop and wave to the audience with their hand, another where they should smile, or do a little twirl. It is crucial to help reflect their personality and captivate attention. 

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Practice Toddler Walking in a Pageant

It's time to take action! If you successfully teach a toddler to walk in a pageant, take advantage of the opportunity to put their new learning into practice and show your child charisma and charm in front of an actual stage. 

Whether in Canada or the USA, book an audition at KidCasting, and let your child's fantastic personality shine on stage. Let’s get started on your toddler's career.

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