How to Get Your Child Cast on Nickelodeon?

How to Become a Nickelodeon Star

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  1. Is Nickelodeon Looking for Kid Actors?
  2. How to Become Nickelodeon Kid Actor?
  3. The Best Nickelodeon Audition Scripts.
  4. Audition Tips for Kid Actors For Nickelodeon.
  5. How Much Do Nickelodeon Kids' Actors Make?
  6. What Is the Perfect Portfolio for Nickelodeon for Casting?
  7. Where to Find Nickelodeon Casting Calls?

Over the course of three decades, Nickelodeon became the leading children's television network, releasing a great number of cartoons and tv-shows and opening the gates to many young audiences. Nickelodeon created an out-of-this-world experience that stoked the hearts of young people and their parents and has greatly impacted the television industry.

Is Nickelodeon Looking for Kid Actors?

Nickelodeon constantly looks for talented and up-and-coming performers to feature in their beloved series. As such, the network has announced exciting Nickelodeon releases for 2023, such as:

  • iCarly Season 3,
  • Tyler Perry Young Dylan Season 4,
  • Erin & Aaron, and many more.

The casting team is seeking young individuals, starting from the age of 7 and up to males and females aged 18 to 26, to participate in the audition process.

How to Become Nickelodeon Kid Actor?

If you're looking to help your child break into the acting industry and secure roles that showcase their unique strengths and talents, here are some steps you can take to boost your chances of becoming a Nickelodeon star: 

  • Start by building your kid's acting resume. Ensure to include your kid's most recent headshot alongside your main details, strengths, and talents. 
  • Apply to kids casting calls for Nickelodeon. Check casting platforms like regularly for upcoming auditions for Nickelodeon projects and more. 
  • Attend auditions: even if your child isn't selected in the first Nickelodeon audition they attend, don't give up on coming more to others. Auditions are a great practice allowing you to tailor your child's behavior and know what to expect. 
  • Build your network. By partnering with knowledgeable people, you can set your child up for success and increase their chances of landing coveted roles on one of Nickelodeon's popular series.

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The Best Nickelodeon Audition Scripts

Kid actors must read their scripts, extract monologues or conversations, and frequently practice to develop strong material for auditions. By doing this, they can improve their abilities in character analysis, script analysis, and delivery analysis and learn how to recognize cleverly produced stories, distinctive voices, and engrossing dialogue. Additionally, they can try out various acting styles, get input, and compile a portfolio of performances.

However, this process needs patience and discipline in addition to striking a balance between practice and other forms of creativity. But if they stick with it, actors can advance both their professional and personal development. They can develop into confident, open-minded, and curious people who can take advantage of opportunities and difficulties with grace and perseverance.

Here are some links where you can find new scripts to practice: 


Tips for Becoming Nickelodeon Star

If your kid is interested in pursuing an acting career, there are several steps you can take to improve your child's skills and increase your chances of success. Here are seven essential tips to help your kid on your journey:

  1. Take acting classes: Enrolling in theater classes can help your kid improve their performance skills and gain valuable experience.
  2. Consider getting a private acting coach: Group classes may not be enough to address your kid's personal weaknesses. A private coach can provide personalized attention and help your child develop their skills.
  3. Use every chance: Take advantage of your child's opportunities: participate in school plays or other productions to gain experience and build their resume.
  4. Find your kid's talents: Your kid can try different things, such as dancing, singing, writing stand-up comedy, horseback riding, and more. Having multiple interests can increase their chances of finding the right roles.
  5. Make sure to check casting platforms frequently for any open casting calls. For instance, websites like update their platforms with new opportunities daily.
  6. Get your kid professional headshots: headshot is often the first thing casting directors will see, so it's essential to have professional photos taken to make a positive first impression.
  7. Help your child with rejections. The entertainment industry can be challenging, so staying persistent and working hard to achieve your kid's goals is essential. 
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How to Become Nickelodeon Kid Actor?

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Audition Tips for Kid Actors From Nickelodeon 

If your kid is auditioning for a role on Nickelodeon, it's important to present them in the best possible light. Here are some tips to help your kid make a positive impression:

  1. Presentation matters: From the moment your child walks into the room or submits their resume, they are being evaluated. Nickelodeon is looking for actors who are positive and confident, so be sure to dress your kid appropriately, wear bright colors that reflect their personality, and avoid clothing with logos. Explain to them that it is important to smile and engage in conversation and be polite and easy-going. 
  2. Maintain a positive image: If your kid is cast on a Nickelodeon show, they will become a public figure and a role model for other kids. Be sure to lead a healthy lifestyle and be mindful of what your child posts on social media, as Nickelodeon has strict standards and doesn't tolerate bad behavior. Many young actors have lost their jobs for failing to maintain these standards.
  3. Choose appropriate material: Their song and monologue should reflect their positive energy and personality. Choose material that's appropriate for their age and upbeat in tone. Research old Nickelodeon monologues. Consider funny material that showcases their big personality and energy.
  4. Beware of scams: Never pay money for an audition or upfront fees to an agent. Legitimate agents will only take a percentage of your kid's earnings if they help you get contracted. Be cautious and do your research to avoid scams. 

How to Become Nickelodeon Kid Actor?

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How Much Do Nickelodeon Kids' Actors Make?

The average Nickelodeon actor's hourly salary in the United States is 42.63$, which is 227% above the national average. 

Examples of the Nickelodeon stars and their net worths:

  1. Ariana Grande – 220 million dollars. Start: Drake & Josh/iCarly.
  2.  Victoria Justice – 12 million dollars. Start: Victorious.
  3. Miranda Cosgrove – 10 million dollars. Start: Victorious/Sam & Cat.

What Is the Perfect Portfolio for Nickelodeon for Casting?

Having a well-crafted portfolio is crucial when it comes to making a great first impression in the entertainment industry. Here are three essential components that you should include in your kids' portfolio:

  1. Resume: The resume should include all the personal information, such as the name, age, and contact details of your kid. In addition to that, a list of skills could be crucial, especially if your kid does not have a lot of experience. Write down anything from their hobbies and interests, as you never know what could be important for some roles.
  2. Headshots: Headshots are like the book's cover, so make sure to take them at a professional studio where they are experienced in taking headshots for actors. It is also a good idea to include some action shots where your kid is doing something and not just posing for the camera.
  3. Acting Reel: If your kid already has some experience, make sure to include their best acting reel. If your kid does not have any experience, there are two options. You can leave this section empty or record a video of your kid to showcase their acting skills.

There are a lot of videos and articles available on the internet where people share their experiences casting for Nickelodeon. Take a look at them, and you might find something helpful for creating a new portfolio. Remember, a great portfolio could help your kid land their dream role on Nickelodeon.

Where to Find Nickelodeon Casting Calls?

Finding casting calls can be tricky. It is important to follow Nickelodeon's social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, or regularly check websites like KidsCasting and Walt Disney. The casting calls take place in Orlando, New York City, and Los Angeles. Make sure and constantly browse the platforms for new casting calls. Another useful tip is to sign up for email newsletters or alerts from casting platforms or talent agencies that specialize in representing child actors, as they may also receive information about Nickelodeon auditions and share it with their clients. Finally, networking with other actors and industry professionals can also be a great way to learn about upcoming auditions and get referrals to agents or casting directors who can help your child land a role on Nickelodeon.

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