Commercial Scripts for Kids Auditions

Commercial Scripts for Kids Auditions

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  1. Scripts for Toddlers.
  2. Scripts for Preschoolers.
  3. Scripts for Kids.
  4. Scripts for Teenagers.

There has to be a good script whenever there are commercial auditions for kids because they have to showcase their acting skills correctly. Besides making a young actor look good, it also means giving a good impression of the product or service being represented. 

This complete guide has a compilation of some of the best scripts to be used in any commercial audition, broken down and arranged into various ages and genders. This resource is helpful to any parent helping their child prepare for an audition or any young actor looking for the right script to deliver a remarkable performance.

Scripts for Toddlers

Product Introduction: Baby Shampoo

[Gender: Unspecified]

This is one of the best scripts in that a parent carefully cleans their child's hair with a special shampoo for babies. This includes the tearless formulation of the product, its gentle nature, and the happy moments the product offers to the parent and the baby in the bath. Teach your little one how to smile while playing in a tub as you help them wash.

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Diaper Commercial: Super Absorbency

[Gender: Unspecified]

The ultra-absorbent diapers leave the baby playing comfortably throughout until they need changing again. It shows that it is convenient and safe for toddlers to indulge in fun with the product. Therefore, ensure that your speech is lighted throughout the audition.

Healthy Snack: Toddlers' Delight

[Gender: Unspecified]

In this script, toddlers demonstrate their affection towards a great and yummy nibble. The enthusiasm demonstrates how these kids present a tasty, healthy, and child-oriented product. Show your child how much you can smile and laugh while snacking. For these performances, there should be a lot of smiles and laughter.

Bedtime Story: Magical Adventures

[Gender: Unspecified]

The parents tell an exciting nighttime story for the toddler. Bedtime becomes magical when considering this product, like a child's book and storytelling apps. Urge your child to participate in the story, being curious and full of hope. The script is used for emotional and heart-touching scenes while the auditions are still taking place.

Scripts for Preschoolers

Toy Store Adventure

[Gender: Unspecified]

In this script, children see the mysteries of a toy store. They tell about their most preferred toys and why they prefer them. This script emphasizes the many options for play and the sheer joy of playing games — Foster preschool children's joy and curiosity by sharing their favorite toys.

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Cereal Fun: Morning Rush

[Gender: Unspecified]

Children at this age will love their best cereal that has a delicious taste and is quick for morning rush hours. This script stresses the sweet nature of the product alongside time-saving. Teach your child to tell you how much they like the cereal and how energetic they are in the morning.

Children's Clothing: Dressing Up

[Gender: Unspecified]

Children have a great experience trying out bright colors and comfy clothes to demonstrate the brand's attraction among young trendsetters. The script portrays the fashionable and chic quality of clothing. Allow your child to share their joy by emulating their outfit.

Scripts for Kids

School Supplies: The Big Day

[Gender: Unspecified]

This script discusses what kids do as they prepare for their first day at school and emphasizes the quality of the school supplies advertised. The significance of getting ready before starting school. This script emphasized the children's excitement toward schools and conviction in the products.

Family Vacation: Theme Park Fun

[Gender: Unspecified]

The excitement and bonding of a family that experiences a thrilling holiday in a theme park. The script focuses on the fun part of family holidays and unforgettable moments. Inspire children to share joy and enthusiasm about the holiday.

Television Commercial: Adventure Show

[Gender: Unspecified]

The script captures the actors' feelings and energy, emphasizing how exuberant they were about everything going on around them during the filming of "The Golden Girls." Motivate children to be active and bold when talking about the show.

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Scripts for Teenagers

Smartphone App: Social Connection

[Gender: Unspecified]

Teenagers use smartphones to market an application that links them to buddies, illustrating how one is easily linked up. The app is very user-friendly and has a great focus on the society component. Make teenagers using the app seem real and relatable.

Fashion Brand: Trendy Styles

[Gender: Unspecified]

The brand's style and attractiveness are shown through teenagers who confidently walk on the runaway while talking about the hottest topics of the moment. This script is intended to highlight the latest styles and fashions in clothes. Ensure that teenagers do not feel shy during the audition and encourage them to show off their style.

Car Advertisement: First Drive

[Gender: Unspecified]

This is an exhilarating moment for teenagers on the verge of driving their first car and displaying the features. The purpose of this script is to underscore the thrill of going for the first time. Urge teenagers to express their expectancy and excitement.

Computer Game: Virtual Adventure 

[Gender: Unspecified] 

It is a thrilling computer game where teenagers immerse themselves, showing their excitement. It focuses more on making the game enjoyable and exciting. Motivate the teens by showing passion, zest, and enthusiasm as they carry out the auditions.

Bicycle Adventure: Freedom on Two Wheels 

[Gender: Unspecified] 

Cycling becomes fun and free for teenage cyclists in an expedition. This film's script emphasizes the excitement of outdoor activities and good bikes. Promote the product by getting teenagers to be adventurous and wild.

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