What is an Open audition?

An open audition is different from a regular one - mainly, because anyone can attend. There’s no need to apply for the casting, and, unlike for some auditions, you don’t have to be represented by an agent. If you’re thinking to go to an open audition with your child, we recommend arriving early to avoid long lines, and stock up on patience and snacks.

Open-Auditions can be chaotic and busy, mainly because there’s no limit on how many people can attend. You and your child will have to queue up to audition and usually the casting director doesn’t have much time. Open auditions are not ideal, because your child will not not much time to perform, so it can be disappointing to wait in the queue for hours and only have 30 seconds to auditions. In the worst case, your child may not have the opportunity to perform at all.

Another tip is to be careful when applying for an open audition. They can be hosted by anyone, and you need to be cautious if the audition is being hosted at a residential address, or an out of the way location. Research whoever is organizing the casting first, and make sure it’s a legitimate company or organization. Be safe first.

At the end of the day, an open audition is still an opportunity to not only gain more experience in auditioning, it’s also an opportunity to be cast. Even though it can be a chaotic and tiring experience, treat it like any other audition. Be polite, professional, and make sure you have your kid’s resume and headshot ready. And don’t forget about the snacks!