Applying to Casting Calls

1. Resume + your main headshot

Staple the headshot to the resume together when sending it by mail, or send as separate files if you are applying electronically. Look at the casting call and see what kind of headshot can be more relevant to the audition. Is it a photo where your kid is smiling, or maybe a more serious expression? Just remember to keep it along the industry standards.

2. Audition tape

Sometimes casting directors require you to send in a pro self-taped audition video along with your resume. Usually it’s done to accelerate the auditioning process: after going through audition tapes, the casting director can really scale down the amount of applicants. If your kid’s audition tape impressed the casting director, expect to be invited to the live audition. To create a good audition tape we recommend you to take a look at our video lesson on best self-tape audition practices before submitting one to your next casting call!

3. Submit to where requested

It is also important to make sure you are submitting your application to where you are asked to. Once again, read through the Casting Call notice thoroughly. See where you are intended to submit. It could be through a specific link or e-mail address to which you need to send your kids resume. It can also be directly through a casting call website.

The easiest way to apply to casting calls is through KidsCasting - just create a profile (which will act as your resume), and apply to the hottest casting calls with just one click!