Talent Agents for Kids

An agent is there to raise your child’s profile and put them forward for castings. This is usually done by having industry network and contacts to new opportunities that are generally kept out of the public. It is achieved either by working directly with casting agents or through script breakdown services released only to agents and casting directors. They make their living by earning an agreed upon commission from their clients work. An agent also works on negotiating fees and contract details on your behalf. Your agent will know the market rates for productions and roles and how to reach an agreed fee. It is in their best interest to get your kid the best deal possible.

All in all, your agent will be saving you from dealing with the nitty-gritty paperwork and background necessities. You can now concentrate on your child’s main job - performing.

Do I need an agent?

If your child is just starting out, then the answer is No. That’s why you have KidsCasting - the easiest way for your child to start your career in the entertainment business. Once your child gains some experience and is cast in a couple of projects, then you can start looking for an agent.

Agents are the connection point between you and the directors and casting directors. They will use their industry knowledge to help you succeed. An actor who has been sought by an agent is seen as more professional and established. Such actors are generally also more experienced. Some casting directors and directors only work with actors represented by an agent.

How can my kid get an agent?

1. Start by researching available agents. You can find them through recommendations at your drama school; industry websites; agency websites (see if they are open to new clients), etc.

2. Draw up a list of agencies or individual agents you are interested in. Find out their contact details and how they should be contacted.

3. Create a cover letter for each agent, and attach your kids resume and a profession black and white headshot. For advice on writing a cover letter, read our article here (link).

4. If your kid is currently performing in a project, let the agents know that they can see them performing live. That way the agent can see your child’s talent for themselves.

5. Be patient. It’s likely you will receive the ‘’our lists are full’’ reply often. Agents are limited to a certain number of clients they can represent at a time. Therefore, they are looking for talents that are showing potential for success and will choose carefully who to represent.