Help Your Kid to Succeed (Amid Rejection)

It is known that artistic endeavors such as acting and modeling can very positively influence children. It helps develop creative thinking, teaches kids to express themselves, but most importantly, it boosts confidence. However, a quest to getting started in the industry is no easy feat. And whether your child's dream is to become a fashion icon, or to land a role in a blockbuster movie, or they just love to perform as a hobby, with any type of auditioning comes a lot of rejection.

A lot of parents think that failure will only hurt their child. However, if handled properly, it can be a great asset at building confidence. To help your kid not get discouraged by rejection, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks on helping your child handle rejection.

Rejection = Lesson

Learn from it

Rejection of any type is never fun. It can hurt, and if your child is feeling down because of it, let them. Getting your feelings out is a lot healthier than bottling them up. But don't let them dwell for too long. Instead, try to look at the good and the bad of the audition together. Talk about what they should do differently next time, as a prep work for the coming audition. You can't get better without failing, so help your child understand that every situation can be treated as a lesson.

Let them make their own choices

Pressuring your child to audition while he or she is not in the mood, or not discussing what the audition is for can make him or her feel unhappy. Remember that kids can make their own age-appropriate decisions, and letting them do so raises their confidence and makes them feel more powerful. It's also a starting point for kids to take some responsibility for their choices.


Show unconditional love

Win or lose, make sure you kid knows you'll always be by their side. Remind your child that it's OK if he's not going to get the role and that it's the experience that counts. Your child needs to feel that they have your unconditional support no matter what.

Help them discover their strengths and weaknesses

It is important to help your kids discover their strengths and weaknesses. However, try to encourage them to find out what they truly excel at on their own. It's the balance between giving the support they need, and giving them enough independence that's important.


Acting and modeling are beneficial for all children, as it's a great way to express one’s creativity. Going through the ups and downs of auditioning can be tough, but don't let your child be discouraged and lose their confidence just because they were told “no”. The sooner they learn that rejection is just part of the process, the more fun that said process will become.

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