Resume Standard Rules and Tips

There are no dates on a resume

You shouldn’t include the dates of neither your training nor credentials. Such information is irrelevant for casting directors.

Resume needs to be only 1 page long

The resume needs to be concise and not extend one 8’x10 page. It then will have to be stapled to your kids headshot and handed in together. No casting director will read through a 5 page resume.

Use a stapler, not paper clips

This may seem silly, but please staple your resume with the headshot, instead of using paper clips. You don’t want one to be separated from the other.

Don’t include your home address and home phone number

This is also important - don’t put too much personal information on your resume. Use only mobile phone and email contacts. No home address or home phone number, or even your child’s school name. Don’t include information that could help people with bad intentions track you down easily. Keep it safe.

Use 8’x10 Format

That is the standard paper size for a resume. Make sure it fits with your headshot.

Include enough white space

White space is the space on your resume that hasn’t been filled with text. Too much text will look chaotic. Such resumes are hard to navigate through. Casting agents want to be able to find what they are looking for at a single glance.