Are Professional Headshots a Must?

Professional photos are advised, but not necessary. If your child is serious about their acting or modeling career, it would be a good idea to turn to an experienced photographer, reason being that professional photos will look, you guessed it - more professional. Looking at the headshots, the casting director will be able to see whether or not your child is serious about acting or modeling. Good quality photos will more likely catch their eye.

An experienced headshot photographer will not only know how to take a good photo, they will also understand what casting directors are looking for in headshots. A good headshot is not just any photo - it’s a picture that should show your child’s personality in it’s fullest, which is no easy feat to master.

Of course, taking professional headshots isn’t free, and can even cost up to $1200. Luckily, using KidsCasting database, you have an option to search for professional photographers. Contact the one’s living in your area - there’s a chance that some will be willing to photograph you for free, to update their resume!