The Perks of Creative Industries

There’s a popular notion that the entertainment industry is a make it or break it one: you either get your big break, or you don’t. We often see stories told by now famous actors and models about the struggles they endured before their big break, waiting tables and living on a tiny budget. So a career in a creative field is often thought of as a big risk: what if the chance to succeed is an unlikely one?

That's why today we’d like to discuss how dipping your toes into the creative industry and the entertainment business can be a big stepping stone in one's decision on the future career, and how it can significantly broaden one's world view.

It’s a huge industry

It’s a huge industry

Some parents are wary when their kids express interest in the creative field as a future career, thinking that it’s better to invest in a more practical education with a higher percentage of high-paid jobs. In reality, creative industries, including movie and television production, broadcasting, publishing, performing arts and advertising bring close to $700 Billion to the U.S. economy yearly. Experts argue that what is driving a significant portion of our economy today is the production of creative and cultural content, proving that these industries are a vital part of U.S. economic well-being.

Preparation for the real life

Show business is notoriously demanding. Getting into acting and modeling gives practical insights and helps build motivation, self-discipline and demonstrates how to work under pressure. Even if it’s a small part as a background extra in a movie, it’s still a job, and a responsibility, which is a great starting point for a successful professional life further on.

Gain new skills and opportunities

The creative industry is constantly changing - it is high pace and dynamic. Working in such an industry means constantly learning something new and elevating your skills. With that also comes an array of opportunities, like traveling to exciting places and meeting interesting new people.


Importance of teamwork

Productions for TV shows, commercials, and movies, as well as fashion photo shoots and campaigns, are all impossible to execute without teamwork. Different professionals, like set designers, makeup artists, and producers, all collaborate to create something special, be it an ad, an independent film, or a campaign for a big brand. Acting and modeling give an opportunity to be immersed in a collaborative environment, connecting people with similar interests but different life experience or professional skills.

Introduction to other creative fields

Continuing the theme of collaboration, the process of developing a career as an actor or model is an incredible opportunity to see different professions in action, as well as acquire transferable skills. That can trigger interest in fields outside of acting and modeling, like directing or producing, set design or makeup artistry. For example, many actors turned to work behind the camera, going into the field with some degree of knowledge already, because they’ve seen it done in person.


Don’t be too quick to reject the idea of a profession in a creative industry. It's a fast growing field, with plenty of job opportunities and space for career growth and development!

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