Surviving Your Baby’s First Audition

It is your baby’s first audition! Congratulations. It’s all so very exciting, but also can be overwhelming for parents not yet familiar with the audition process. Especially if you have a small baby. But don’t panic! We understand your concerns and your questions and we have the answers. Auditioning process should be fun and enjoyable – these tips will help you make the most out of it.


Meet their needs first

For your little one, audition day is like any day – and so are their needs. Make sure to feed them, to change their diaper and give them their medication if they are teething. If their needs have been met they are less likely to be in discomfort when auditioning.

Think about the nap time

Your child should be well-rested and ready to interact with the casting crew if necessary. If you can’t manage to schedule the audition around napping, try getting your baby to sleep beforehand.

What to bring to the audition

Comp Card

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First and foremost, you NEED to have hard copies of your kid’s headshot, no matter their age. You’ll need it to attach to the paperwork upon arriving at the audition, as well as give out to the casting director during the audition. That way the casting team will have a physical reminder of how your baby looks, as well as easily-accessible contact information in case they want to call you back!

You can learn how to take a good headshot by yourself HERE

The usual

As we mentioned earlier, this will be just a regular day for your baby and their needs haven’t changed. We would suggest bringing anything you would usually put in your diaper bag - snacks, changing supplies, a bottle, and toys.

Comforting items

New surroundings can be stressful for a baby, so if there’s a certain toy or a blanket, or even a song that tends to calm them down - take it with you (if it’s a song you can play it on your phone).

How to dress your baby for the audition

Choose something comfortable

While it’s tempting to dress your child in fancy clothes, it is more important for them to feel comfortable. They should be able to move freely and feel cozy in their clothing.

Keep it simple

Unless the casting crew has requested you to dress up a certain way, simple will work best. Simple colors and clothes that don’t take away the attention from your baby allow the casting crew to imagine your baby in what is planned for the production. Simple clothing will also allow for your baby’s personality to shine through.

Have fun!

Yes, auditions can be a bit stressful and overwhelming. But keeping yourself and your baby prepared and ready for the day will be a tremendous help. Don’t be discouraged if your baby is not feeling great or is extra fussy on the day of the audition. Remember, there’s always next time!