Drama school 101

Drama schools and acting classes are a great way to improve your child’s talents and learn new and important skills that will be crucial in their aspiring career. They will help your child to express emotions, embrace different roles and understand characters and monologues. They will learn the nits and grits of the industry and the art of performing. The professional setting and drama teachers have programs developed to bring out your child’s talent and get them comfortable with performing in front of an audience.

Drama schools and performance art schools offer different kinds of performance disciplines. If your child has already showed their interest in a specific discipline, you can look into the schools in your area that offer such classes. If not - it could be a good idea to first try out schools that offer mixed classes. Your kid can try their hand in multiple disciplines and see which ones they enjoy most.

What would you like to gain from the classes?

What is your goal? Do you see performance classes as a way for your child to have fun, meet new friends? Or do you wish them to gain valuable social skills or improve their technique and prospects? Being clear about your objectives will help you find the school that best suits your child.

Is the school reputable?

Before enrolling your child into a drama school, research if the school reputable. Also make sure the teachers are CRB checked. We advise you to look at the testimonials left about the school and to check the background of the founders and teachers. See how long the school has been established, what are its accomplishments. Try and have a talk with some parents whose children are already enrolled there.

I have considered these points. Now what?

1. Compare the schools that fit your requirements. Prepare questions that are of interest to you and get in contact with someone at each school.

2. Ask if they can offer you a free trial of the classes. You could try out a couple of classes and see which your child enjoys most.

3. Try to get in touch with other parents of children attending the schools. See what is their feedback and experience. Compare it to your desires and requirements. Does it fit what you envision for your child?