Create Comp Card Now

If you and your child are new to the entertainment industry, you are probably not yet familiar with the ins and outs of the audition process, more precisely, what’s necessary for a successful audition. Did you know that actors and models also need to have certain marketing tools to stand out in this competitive industry? One of the most important ones happens to be a comp card. Not familiar? Don’t fret. Now KidsCasting members can make one right on our website for FREE!

Fun Fact: Kids with Comp Cards are 8 times MORE likely to get invited to an audition. Create yours NOW and start applying!

What is a Comp Card?

Composite Card, or a Comp Card in short, is one of the oldest marketing tools used by actors and models, similar to a business card. If your child wants to get cast in any project for TV, theater, film or fashion, they NEED a Comp Card. Without this basic item, your child will most likely not be taken seriously in this industry.

Why are Comp Cards important?

Child modeling and acting is a competitive business based on first impressions. Casting directors and modeling agencies aren’t just looking for talented and photogenic kids. They also pay attention on a strong up-to date portfolio, as well as a comp card that shows child’s ability to portray a range of emotions and characters. A professional comp card says that your child takes this business seriously and will be a good casting choice.

A comp card is what your child will bring with them to auditions and castings so that they can leave the casting director a very powerful reminder of what they look like, what their stats are, and most important, how to contact them for a callback.