Must-Do Activities for Babies under 6 Month

First six months of your baby’s life is an amazing time, as you notice how your newborn slowly, but surely, grows into a tiny person. Soon they’ll be able to sit and play on their own. And while each and every baby has their own development pace, here are plenty of different activities that you can do with your child that will help them stimulate their development, both physical and mental, as well as help them get in touch with their environment.

Below you’ll find fun, beneficial, development-promoting activities for babies under 6 months that will stimulate them, as well as help you build a stronger bond with your baby!


Singing a lullaby not only helps your baby fall asleep and calm them down, it also helps them develop listening skills. If you don’t know any lullaby lyrics, make up your own on the spot. And remember to sing them in soothing voice - that will make your baby regulate their emotions.

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No parent can resist cooing and talking in funny voices just to see their baby smile. But did you know that this simple activity is good for your baby’s language development? See your baby’s different reactions and facial expressions while you talk and sing to them in exaggerated voices - it’s not just adorable to watch, but also beneficial!

Mirror mirror

Encourage visual, social and emotional development of your baby by showing them their reflection in the baby-safe mirror, asking”who’s that”? Show them reflection of their stuffed animals, and finally, your own reflection as well.

Watch the toy

This is a simple one: while your baby is laying on his back, hold a small, soft toy in front of them. Then move it back and forward, so that you baby follows it with their eyes. If they’re not paying attention to it, wiggle the toy in front of them, or gently touch their face with it. This simple game will help your baby develop visual tracking skill, as well encourage visual development.


Does your baby has good head control? If yes, gently guide them into a sitting position. As your baby gains muscle tone and strength, do these sit-ups by holding their hands and slowly bringing them to sit. Helping your baby sit up will help them gain muscle strength and balance, so you may see your baby pull himself up on their own sooner!

To recap

Simple activities that don’t necessarily require special objects or resources can help your baby’s development and also bond you with your baby!

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