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KidsCasting is excited to share with you another success story! Scroll below to read an interview with supportive parent Sadira and her beautiful baby son Austin, who’s only one year old and has already been modeling for print and social campaigns.

How did you know that Austin will do so great at modeling?

Austin is a very inquisitive and playful baby. Initially, I would observe him playing in his natural state, and as I caught him in his curiosity, I would attempt to capture it on camera. And to my surprise, instead of him turning away, he would turn towards me, staring right into the camera, and burst into uncontrollable hearty laughter and giggles. It was so adorable because he loves being caught in the act. It was in these moments that I knew he loved the camera and would be a great model.

What’s your favorite thing about the entertainment industry? 

One of my favorite things about the entertainment industry is that it is an arena for the creative arts and self-expression. It is a platform in which individuals can truly express themselves from their own perception of who they were historically, who they are presently and who they would like to be. Opportunities within the entertainment industry can allow an individual the opportunity to express themselves without any limitations and without a timeline. I believe that when this platform is used to ones benefit constructively. It can help you explore your uniqueness and facilitate personal growth. To be successful in this industry, you must be brave, open-minded, teachable, and have the confidence to know that your self-worth and value are not dependent on the opinion of another. Instead, it is contingent upon how willing and ready you are to evolve as a person. 

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How has KidsCasting helped your child to start his career?

KidCasting has allowed us to tap into casting calls and opportunities that we otherwise may not have been able to. It has given both of my children the exposure they need to succeed in the entertainment business.

What was the most exciting opportunity that your kid was selected for through KidsCasting?

Austin was selected by Starbaby Models and HearthFlair Magazine. He has received exposure through catalog print and social media. He has accomplished several photoshoots in New York City. My daughter Isabella (7) was also featured in the HearthFlair Magazine.

What are the ways you use to support your child? How do you encourage your child to succeed?

Before motherhood, I earned a degree in early childhood education, where I learned about the development of children. I gained a great amount of knowledge and experience working with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in early childhood education centers. My experience has helped me to nurture and support the development of my own children by creating and fostering safe environments that lend them endless opportunities to grow and thrive. I encourage my baby’s development through play and exploration. I allow him to demonstrate his curiosity and confidence through our current venture, modeling.

How is your child feeling after shooting day? What does he enjoy the most about it?

Austin is a very energetic baby, and as such, he is always full of energy the next day! Austin loves the camera!

How do you usually spend your free time with your child?

We PLAY, PLAY, and keep on PLAYING ? My children, and I love spending time outdoors. We love nature and spending time at the beach and parks! We also love to visit children’s museums and entertainment parks!

What advice would you give other parents who aren’t sure how and where to start.

Do some research on the entertainment industry to make an informed decision about opportunities that may present themselves. Give KidsCasting a chance, enroll in a subscription and make the commitment for one year.

Looking at how happy your child is at what he is doing, would you say one day you want to try modeling or acting too?

Yes, in fact, the performing arts were part of my early childhood and adolescent experience, and modeling and acting are something that I have always wanted to pursue. However, as an adult, I made my higher academic education my priority and now have a very successful career. With my career very well defined and established, I am now actively pursuing modeling and acting, as I have been approached and advised by professionals in the entertainment industry to pursue it because they feel that I have the ability and talent to be successful. I am open to all job referrals and opportunities. 

Overall, would you recommend KidsCasting to other parents?

Yes, I would recommend KidsCasting to other parents looking to get their children started in the entertainment industry.

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