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Kid Dancers Needed For "The Spongebob Musical: Youth Edition"

Westlake Village, CA, United States
ID: 571210Exp: 7/13/2024

Seeking kids ages 6-18 years old for "The Spongebob Musical: Youth Edition". Please see the details below. About the project: When the citizens of Bikini Bottom discover that a volcano will soon erupt and destroy their humble home, SpongeBob and his friends must come together to save the fate of their undersea world. With lives hanging in the balance and all hope lost, a most unexpected hero rises up. The power of optimism really can save the world! Additional info: Please prepare 16 bars (around 30-45 seconds) of a song. Bring background tracks on your device. Tracks must be downloaded to your device and edited in advance. A speaker will be provided for your convenience. Please wear clothes comfortable for movement, as there will be a dance portion of the audition. If time permits, directors will also perform sides from the script. Auditions will start promptly at 5 pm and 10 am respectively, and will conclude once all auditioners are seen. Please plan to stay for the entire time slot. No conflicts are allowed after September 20, 2024. No performance conflicts will be accepted. Rehearsal Schedule: Rehearsals will take place Mon-Thu 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm beginning July 17, 2024. Some days may vary to accommodate the theater’s schedule, and not all actors may be called at every rehearsal. No conflicts will be permitted after September 20th, 2024. Sunday, Sept 29, 2024, 10:00-5:00 (cue to cue rehearsal). Sept 30-Oct 3, 2024 5:00-9:00 (tech week). Show Performances: October 4 - October 13 (Fridays at 7 pm. Saturdays and Sundays at 1 pm. Saturdays at 4 pm). Callbacks will take place on Sunday, July 14, 2024, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. If interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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26 roles

SpongeBob SquarePantsMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: A2-G4) Optimistic, innocent, and loveable; energetic and sometimes hyperactive. SpongeBob is the ultimate optimist. This actor should have the ability to move well and be an extremely physical actor with great comedic skills. Strong pop tenor.

Patrick StarMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: A2-A4) Well-intentioned but lacking common sense or skills; kind and somewhat clueless, an innocent; a big softie, who can also be prone to sudden child-like fits of rage or frustration. SpongeBob’s best friend.

SquidwardMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: A2-F#4) Grumpy, cynical, dry, short-tempered, generally negative but still lovable. This Actor must move well and TAP dancing skills is a plus.

Sandy CheeksFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: A3-E5) A brainy, athletic and energetic Texan squirrel who came to Bikini Bottom for a research project. She acts as SpongeBob’s most trusted ally on their quest to stop the volcano from erupting, using her vast amount of scientific knowledge and brilliant inventions to aid the mission. Strong actor, singer, and mover.

Mr. KrabsMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: D3-B4) The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab, and employer of SpongeBob and Squidward. While everyone is off panicking about Bikini Bottom’s imminent doom, he decides to strike the iron while it’s hot and puts on a huge “apocalypse sale” at his restaurant, exploiting the fear of his fellow fish to make him even richer. A strong comedic actor, singer and mover.

Sheldon J. PlanktonMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: E3-E4) His personality outweighs his size- slick, scheming, nefarious; has the ability to charm; determined, he will do anything to get ahead in life; very greedy, but his heart is still open enough to rekindle a romance with his wife. This character will need to dance and rap.

Karen PlanktonFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: A3-F#4) The glamorous Robotic housewife of Plankton. She’s been there for Plankton’s every scheme and plot and has become jaded – she’s been there and done that. Strong comic actor who must convince the audience she is a computer. Must beat box.

PearlFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: Bb3-E5) Mr. Krabs’ teenaged daughter who just wants to be understood by her father and sing with her favorite band, the Electric Skates. Strong singer with gospel and high belt range abilities.

Perch PerkinsMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Bikini Bottom’s Newscaster. Must have strong speaking voice and presence.

Mayor of Bikini BottomFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Bikini Bottom’s Mayor and typical politician.

French NarratorMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Comedic role. Must have strong cartoonish French accent.

Electric SkatesMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

(Range: G3-C4/G4-C5) Underwater’s hottest rock band. Strong singers who act like typical wild rock stars.

Larry the LobsterMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Old Man JenkinsMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

GaryMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Mrs. PuffFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Sea CreaturesBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

TownsfishBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Girl FishFemale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Cowboy FishMale6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

SardinesBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Sardine DevoteesBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

CitizensBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Chorus of SpongesBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Angry MobBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Sea AnemonesBoth genders6-18 y.o.All ethnicities