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Young Talent Wanted for "Seussical" Show

Huntington, IN, United States
ID: 568094Exp: 5/29/2024

3rd-grade performers and up are invited to audition for the "Seussical" Show. Please see the details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. About the project: The "Seussical" characters are fantastic and imaginary creations based on characters featured in Dr. Seuss's collection of stories. They speak in Seussian verse, very rhythmic with incredible rhymes, even when not singing. Additional info: Actors will be asked to do the following: Read lines from the script (cold readings - script will not be made available ahead of time). Sing 32 bars of a song that you bring with you that matches close to the character's persona you're auditioning for. MATERIALS TO BRING WITH YOU: The audio track can be paired to a Bluetooth speaker that you can sing 32 bars or sheet music that you can sing 32 bars. Show dates: Fri July 19 - Sun July 21, 2024. If interested, please apply.

10 roles

The Cat In The HatBoth genders17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Is the host and emcee of the evening, playing many minor comic parts throughout the story, sometimes improvising with the audience, and having a presence in almost every scene. Strong singer with strong movement skills and comic ability. Singing voice is flexible and a bit silly. Vocal range top: F4 Vocal range bottom: F2

JojoMale8-12 y.o.All ethnicities

A young boy, Jojo is a Who and is the only child of the mayor and his wife. A “Thinker” a smart child with a wild imagination. A little bit awkward, a little bit of a loaner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose “Thinks” get him into constant trouble. In the end, his Thinks save his planet. Strong singer/actor. Singing voice is solid but childlike. Vocal range top: C5 Vocal range bottom: Ab3

Young KangarooFemale8-18 y.o.All ethnicities

A baby kangaroo and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. She is the Sour Kangaroo’s daughter and does whatever her mother does. She’s very sassy with lots of attitude. Good singer/actor with comic ability. Vocally sounds very young.

The Wickersham BrothersMale17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Three monkey brothers and citizens of the Jungle of Nool. These are not bad guys. They are much like kids who tease, play pranks, and get a kick out of making mischief, although at others’ expense. They side with Sour Kangaroo in her campaign against Horton and cause more trouble for poor Horton. Strong singer/movers with lots of soulful singing, much like an 80’s hip-hop group.

Yertle The TurtleMale17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

A turtle and citizen of the Jungle of Nool. He is the King of the Pond and thinks he is more important than what he really is. Presides at the Judge at Horton’s trial. Strong singer/actor.

Thing 1 & Thing 2Male17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

The Cat’s main helper and an extension of his personality. Essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. They assist the Cat in many ways, either playing small roles or causing havoc. They have a presence in almost every scene. Strong singers and movers with good comic ability.

Bird GirlsFemale17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Three sassy birds and citizens of the Jungle of Nool. The popular girls in any school–a clique of pretty, self-centered “back up birds” who do whatever Mayzie does. They often act as storytellers, picking up where The Cat left off. A big presence throughout the evening. Good singer/movers with lots of soulful, sassy singing. Think Destiny’s child

Citizens of NoolBoth genders8-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Jungle animals and other characters that live in the Jungle of Nool. They all side with the Sour Kangaroo on her campaign against Horton. Strong singer/movers.

The WhosBoth genders8-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Citizens of Whoville on the Planet of Who. They’re a lot like you and me and only so small as to be invisible. They live in fear that their planet is in trouble. Strong Singer/actors.

The CadetsMale17-18 y.o.All ethnicities

Cadets of General Schmitz’ Military Academy and Citizens of Who. They bully Jojo. Not mean, just doing what they are told to do. Strong singer/movers