"The Adorables" Seeking Toddlers

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ID: 552180Exp: 10/19/2023
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THE ADORABLES The Invasion of "Candy Land". "New Television Series, where beautiful adorable and innocent babies invade the most Tutti Frutti Planet "Candy Land". Logline: If you saw Baby Genius, you don't want to miss THE ADORABLES. These babies are the invasion of Candy Land. When it comes to candy they can outsmart any adult. They know what it takes to invade a world of sweets. POCKO Channel 1st. Original THE ADORABLES are beautiful and cuddly, don't let the beautiful outthink you. These babies are smart, intelligent and very wise. They know the secret to Invasion and make the adults think they are ACTING KRAZY. So,Buckle up for safety cause you're about to go on a sweet treat BaeBaaa!

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Adorable babiesBoth genders1-5 y.o.All ethnicities

Have you ever seen Baby Genius?