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What Is a Comp Card for Kids and How Important Is It?

What Is a Comp Card for Kids and How Important Is It?

  1. What is a comp card for kids actors?
  2. What should be on a comp card for a kids actor?
  3. How do I create a comp card?
  4. Why comp card is so important?

What is a comp card for kids actors?

Child modeling and acting is a competitive business based on first impressions. Casting directors and modeling agencies aren’t just looking for talented and photogenic kids. They also pay attention to strong, up-to-date portfolios with high-quality photos. If you and your child are just starting to explore the entertainment industry, you are probably discovering various marketing tools that actors and models use to get noticed and remembered by casting professionals. One of the most important tools is a comp card — a model’s or actor’s business card. Comp card (also known as a composite sheet, composite card, z card, zed card, or sed card) is an inexpensive yet efficient way to showcase the model’s or actor’s range. This card includes a variety of photos as well as the talent’s stats and job-related details. If your child wants to get cast in any project for TV, theater, film, or fashion, they need a comp card.

KidsCasting fact: Children with Comp Cards are 8 times MORE likely to get invited to an audition.

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What should be on a comp card for a kids actor?

The industry-standard layout includes at least 3 photos: a headshot, a side view, and a full-height photo. No excessive Photoshop, no graphics, no Sepia or other filters should be applied to the comp card photos. Here is the list of details that should be on your child’s comp card: Name, Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair color, City/State, Parent's/Guardian's name, email address, and phone number.

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How do I create a comp card?

KidsCasting now has a feature that allows you to generate your child’s comp card for FREE and download it as a PDF file. Your comp card is just one click away! Go to the portfolio page and click on the ‘Download Comp Card’ link. Make sure all the main photos are uploaded; otherwise your child's comp card will be empty.

Why is a comp card important?

Having a professional comp card makes your child look like a strong candidate in the casting process because it’s a sign that you and your child take this business seriously. Comp cards should be printed on cardstock paper and brought to each and every audition. It will serve as a powerful reminder of what your child looks like, what their stats are, and most importantly, how to contact them for a callback. Your child will never get booked if people can’t get a hold of you!

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