8 Simple Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids

8 Simple Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids

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  1. Break the dialogue down.
  2. Ignore punctuation.
  3. Highlight their parts.
  4. Give them a break.
  5. Repetition is key for Memorizing Lines for Kids.
  6. Work before sleep.
  7. Don’t rush them.
  8. Lead by example.

If you're looking for tips for memorizing lines for kids, it means your child has landed an acting audition - congrats! Now comes the part when you and your kid should start preparing for that exciting day. And one of the things your child should be doing is getting familiar with the audition material. Now, not all auditions are the same. Some casting directors want your child to "read" specific material - usually an expert from the script of the production they're casting for. But sometimes, you'll need to prepare your own material and memorize a monologue - see our monologues. During the first audition, there's no rule that your child needs to know ALL of the material by heart. They should, however, be very familiar with their lines (or their monologue), only glancing at the pages for reference. If you're lucky and get a callback or a taping audition (when the process is being filmed), that's when your kid must know the material by heart. Why? Because this will ensure the performer is connecting with the reader and not the paper. This is important as it demonstrates to the casting director or director that your child is truly a professional and on top of his or her game in a very competitive industry. One of the most difficult things for young actors, especially kids who are just starting school, is having a natural read when auditioning. Kids that age are still learning how to read and may stumble on words. However, going into an audition with memorized lines can solve that problem because then the child can focus on acting rather than reading. It can even help with stage fright.  But the question remains - how to memorize lines for a kid? While it’s not easy to have your little one memorize a lot of text, don’t worry. We’ve prepared some tips for memorizing lines for kids so that you can keep your sanity while you help your child break into the acting industry.

The 8 Best Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids

1. Break the dialogue down

Break the dialogue into several smaller parts. Learning text little by little is much more effective than trying to memorize the whole text. Have your kid repeat each part until it’s memorized, and then move on to the next chunk!

2. Ignore punctuation

A great pro tip is to tell your kid to ignore punctuation. Just because there’s a comma on the page doesn’t mean your child needs to take a pause. The same goes for exclamation and question marks.

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3. Highlight their parts

This very simple tip is essential for a more productive memorizing session. Using a highlighter to indicate your child’s parts will help them locate the appropriate line when glancing down at the paper while concentrating on their material only.

4. Give them a break

Studies have shown that frequent breaks from studying can significantly increase a child's concentration, productivity, and even creativity, making them less agitated and more focused on learning. Taking a 15-minute break every 45 minutes will refresh your child’s brain and get them ready to learn more!

5. Repetition is key

Perhaps the most practical tip for memorizing lines is just having your child read the lines with you repeatedly. When it comes to learning the monologue, repetition is the most effective method.

6. Work before sleep

Studying before bed has proved to be an effective way of learning your lines. Studies have shown that recall is much better if the learning is done before going to sleep. Make sure your child reviews the lines again in the morning, though.

7. Don’t rush them

Learning lines is a lot of work, so don’t rush your child. It won’t do them any good if they are pressured to learn quickly. If you want them to memorize a script in one night, you'll both probably have a bad time.

8. Lead by example

Show your kid how to memorize lines by doing it together with them. If you put in the effort as a parent, your kid will notice and be much more motivated to do their best. And being able to do a whole scene together can give the confidence and preparation needed to feel comfortable in that audition.

Time for memorizing lines!

The main takeaway is to make sure your child knows that reading the script is only one part of an audition and that messing up a line does not mean not getting the role. Acting is not about being perfect. It’s being able to connect with your scene partner, as well as with the character for which your child is auditioning. We hope these tips for memorizing lines for kids come in handy for you and your little one. Now go out there and ACE that audition!  Do you have your own special rituals and memorization techniques for learning lines? Share them with the world below in the comments.

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