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How Do You Stand Out in an Acting Audition?

How Do You Stand Out in an Acting Audition

  1. Show off your uniqueness.
  2. Let your personality shine.
  3. Be present.
  4. Be good at cold reads and have a monologue ready.

An audition is usually a relatively short process. An actor only has 10-15 minutes to WOW the casting team and get into a list of candidates for the job. But what makes a lasting impression on the casting team during an audition? What can you do to increase your chances of getting a callback? Here are four things an actor can do to stand out.

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Show off your uniqueness

Casting directors long moved away from the “perfect” child image: blue eyes, perfect teeth, blond hair. Today, casting directors are more interested in “real” kids. Meaning stirring away from the “Toddlers and Tiaras” image as much as possible. It’s ok if your kid has lost a couple of teeth recently, or prefers to have messy hair, or has braces. All of these details will help show your kid’s individuality. If your kid chooses to show their uniqueness with clothes, that’s great. But be aware to not overshadow your child’s natural beauty with flashy prints or sequins!

Let your personality shine

From the moment you enter the audition room, an actor should be able to show off their personality. That means leaving shiness out the door and be as much engaged, present and yourself as possible. Actors who leave a good impression on casting directors are open and not shy at all. They react, ask questions, and are engaging. It’s good to have a pleasant demeanor and be willing to talk about unique interests and hobbies. That shows if a performer is well-rounded and has interests beyond acting/modeling.

Be present

During an audition, the casting professional needs to determine if an actor has what it takes to be focused and present on stage/during a shoot/ or while filming. This especially applies to young performers. If a child can't sit still for one second, is fidgeting too much, or can’t concentrate to answer one simple question, the harsh truth is that the casting director will most likely pass on them. It’s important for a casting director to find child actors that can pay attention to what is going on in front of them. This is something that many parents overlook when they assess whether their child is cut out for this business. It is one of, if not the most, important factor in children under the age of 10 getting cast.

Be good at cold reads and have a monologue ready

Yes, the dreaded cold reads. For those not yet familiar with the aspect of cold reads, it’s when you’re given a monologue on the spot and only have a couple of minutes to prepare. While cold reads can seem intimidating at first, you can and should take simple steps to prepare your child for a potential one. When preparing for auditions, one should also prepare a monologue to show off acting skills. We have covered this topic here. As any successful actor will tell you, landing a role is a combination of talent, skills and just pure luck. So taking steps to master your craft, as well as not being afraid to show your true personality is a good foundation of a successful audition. Either way, there's no guarantee of success in this industry, but persistence and talent always go a long way, in any situation. Good luck!

acting jobs for kids

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