How to Pose for Kids Modeling?

How to Pose for Kids Modeling?

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  1. How to Pose as a Child Model?
  2. Practice Kids' Pose at Home.
  3. Top 5 Kid's Poses for Modeling.
  4. Tips on How to Choose the Best Modeling Pose.

Immersing in modeling can provide your child with a fun and rewarding experience. However, before you submit your measurements and photos to modeling agencies, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

The first step to success is learning how to pose for kids' modeling. A killer pose can make a difference in a portfolio, so here are some tips on getting your little one ready. In this article, we've got your back. We'll give you tips on practicing kids' poses at home, spill the beans on the top five poses for modeling, and offer our expert advice on choosing the perfect pose for your child.

How to Pose as a Child Model?

There are many different types of modeling poses. The children's poses will vary greatly in each photoshoot when they learn how to model. This has to do with the types of photography being done, what you are modeling for, and more. 

For instance, in fashion photography, the poses should be all about creativity and artistry. Think of elongating your neck, having intense eyes, and exuding confidence through your posture. 

For commercial photography, we want to go for a more natural look. Try posing with a hand on the hip or casually in a pocket. When it comes to fitness photography, the poses need to show off your strength and activity. Think flexing, lifting weights, or using exercise equipment. 

Practice Kids' Pose at Home

The best way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to practice. Try some practice sessions at home to help your child learn how to pose for modeling.

  • Keep it fun by playing dress up and having them strike different poses while you take pictures. 
  • Use props like a pillow to help them relax and show off different angles. You can also use stools to show sitting poses. 
  • Have them look in the mirror while practicing – this will help them see their body and how they can move it to look better in photographs.
  • Give them plenty of favorable reinforcement throughout the practice session so that they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
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Top 5 Kid's Poses for Modeling

Now that you know the basics of pose for kids' modeling, let's look at some poses that work well for children. 


This is a great pose for kids because it's natural and relaxed – perfect for commercial shoots. Have your child stand straight with their feet shoulder-width apart and hands on the hips.


Great for stunning editorial shots, this pose captures a captivating side view of your child. Let them stand with their legs slightly apart, one arm across their chest, and gaze into the distance.


This is perfect for sports or fitness-related shoots. The child can hold a ball or other item in one hand and stand with the opposite foot forward for an active look.

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This is great for fashion photography, as it accentuates angles and features of the face, such as eyes, lips, and cheekbones; have the kid tilt their head to one side slightly and look down while keeping the shoulders back.


A useful technique for capturing a stronger mood in photos is to have the child close their eyes, tilt their head up, and focus on a specific emotion they wish to convey, whether for fashion or commercial purposes. 

The Best Poses For Kids' Modeling

Tips on How to Choose the Best Modeling Pose

Here are some valuable tips to ensure your child looks their absolute best. Pay close attention to the following recommendations:

  • Make sure your child is standing up straight and looks relaxed. This will help them project confidence even when they feel nervous. Keeping shoulders rolled back and chin forward can make the posture look strong and confident.
  • Your child should be smiling or showing other expressions that reflect the mood of the shoot.
  • Help your kid choose clothes that suit their body type and make them look great in photos. Also, keep an eye on how their hair is styled, as it plays a key role in capturing the perfect shot.
  • Using arms in photos can create movement and depth. For example, having an arm and hand touch the hair can draw the eye up to the face in a photo. Ensure your child's arms and legs are properly positioned to match the desired pose.

You can also give KidsCasting a try; it's an awesome platform for child models and actors to receive calls from top-notch talent agents and scouts in the industry. Parents can also find job postings, casting events, and more on their website.

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