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How to Become a Voice Actor as a Kid

How to Become a Voice Actor as a Kid

  1. How Does My Child Start Voice Acting?
  2. How Does My Kid Become a Child Voice Actor with No Experience?
  3. Is Becoming a Voice Actor Hard?
  4. What Grades do Your Kid  Need to Be a Voice Actor?
  5. Do Kid Voice Actors Get Paid?

Does your child love using their voice to perform and entertain? Becoming a voice actor may be a good option for them — and there's no better time to get them started than now! Does your kid enjoy making up voices for their toys? Do they like to put on impromptu shows for family and friends, complete with sound effects and character voices? If so, then your child may have what it takes to be a voice actor! This type of work can be fun and will allow them to use their voice in interesting ways. The good news is that the barrier of entry for kids to becoming a voice actor is not that high, and it's also a great way to make money while doing something that you enjoy.

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How Does My Child Start Voice Acting?

But how does one get started in voice acting — and as a kid no less? It's not as difficult as you may think. While it does require some training and practice, your child can start auditioning for voice acting roles as long as they meet a few basic requirements. Typically, voice acting agencies or casting directors are looking for kids who:

  • Are between the ages of 5 and 15;
  • Have clear diction and enunciation;
  • Can take direction well;
  • Can maintain a consistent character voice;
  • Possess vocal range and emotional expressiveness;
  • Are able to memorize lines;
  • Are comfortable in a recording studio.

You could even say that younger children have an edge when it comes to certain things with voice acting. For example, they have higher-pitched voices, which are simpler for viewers to comprehend. Kids also don't have to worry about any shortage in opportunities in the business because there is always a need for a good kid voice actor. If you think that your child meets these requirements and is interested in pursuing voice acting, then there's a good chance they could have a lot of success in this career.

How Does My Kid Become a Child Voice Actor with No Experience?

How Does My Kid Become a Child Voice Actor with No Experience

"But my child doesn't have any experience!" you might be thinking. That's okay! Experience is advantageous, but it isn't necessary to begin in the business. In fact, many professional voice actors started their careers by submitting a demo reel or audio recording of themselves reading a script to casting directors. If you're interested in helping your child start their voice acting career, there are a couple of things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Have Them Take Acting Classes

If you're looking to give your child a head start in voice acting, then you may want to consider enrolling them in some acting classes. Acting classes will help your child learn how to better control and use their voice. They'll also learn how to project their voice and act with emotion--all of which are essential skills for a successful voice actor. Not to mention, these classes can be a lot of fun and give your child a chance to meet other aspiring actors their age.

Help Your Child Learn About the Industry

As a parent, you can also help your child learn about the voice acting industry. This includes things like learning how to audition, what to expect in a recording studio, and how to market themselves as a voice actor. You can find plenty of helpful resources online or even check out some books on the subject. The more your child knows about the industry, the better prepared they will be for the challenges ahead.

Help Them Build Their Resume

When your child is trying to break into voice acting, they must create a resume just like in any other job. Since they're just getting started, it’s fine to include ANY experience they might have, even if it's something as simple as school plays or neighborhood theater. It's also okay to list your acting lessons and any other relevant skills or talents that they might have picked up along the way. The goal is to just show that your child is dedicated to becoming a voice actor and has the potential to excel in the field.

Create a Demo Reel

Creating a demo reel is one of the most crucial steps that you can take in becoming a voice actor, kid or adult. A demo reel is a recording of a voice actor reading various scripts so that casting agents may get an impression of their range. Note that you don't need to pay a professional to record your child's demo reel. You can make one at home with a basic audio recorder or even just your smartphone. Just ensure that the recording is of good quality, so that casting directors can hear them speak clearly. Where to find voice-acting casting calls

Find Casting Calls

Nowadays finding casting calls and booking auditions is easier than ever. The best part is - you don't even need an agent for that. Just go to a casting network like, create a profile for your kid, browse casting calls and start booking auditions. KidsCasting already has a network of more than 3.5 million active child talent and provides new casting calls each day.

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Is Becoming a Voice Actor Hard?

It takes time, practice, and commitment to become a competent voice actor. However, if your child has the chops for it, remains passionate, and puts in the effort required to succeed, there's no reason why they couldn't make a name for themselves in the industry. However, it is no understatement that your role as a parent is critical in your child's success as a voice actor. To give your child the best chance at becoming a professional voice actor, you must be supportive, encouraging, and always willing to lend a helping hand. After all, with your love and guidance, anything is possible!

What Grades do Your Kid  Need to Be a Voice Actor?

You don't need any education to be a voice actor. There is no diploma or GED required. No matter who you are or what your IQ is, if you can sell it, you can make it work. That's why even kids can be successful in the business. Some voice actors indeed have degrees in theater or communication, but others have never taken a single acting class! The most important thing is that your child has a great voice and the ability to deliver it.

Do Kid Voice Actors Get Paid?

Do Kid Voice Actors Get Paid

The million-dollar question! However, if you're looking for a quick answer, it's not quite as straightforward as that. Voice actors make money by charging clients for their time and skills. This means that the end goal is to make your kid's time and skills as valuable as possible. The more in demand they are, the more money they can command per hour. It also depends on the gig. A national commercial, for example, will undoubtedly pay a lot more than a local one. Depending on the job, some projects may only pay hundreds of dollars, while others may pay thousands. It all depends on the kind of gig available. Again, you can't expect to earn big numbers right away, especially when your child is just starting out, so setting expectations is key. Try not to put too much pressure on them (or yourself!) and focus on the journey, not the destination. With time, patience, and a whole lot of practice, your child could one day be earning a pretty penny as a professional voice actor!

Final Thoughts

If your child has their heart set on becoming a voice actor, then there's no reason why they shouldn't give it a shot. It's a fun and rewarding career that can open up a world of possibilities for them. Just remember to remain supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. Most importantly, have faith in your child and their abilities — they just might surprise you.

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