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Top Questions from Parents on Kids’ Modeling

Top Questions from Parents on Kids’ Modeling

KidsCasting is first and foremost a community of parents who strive to give their kids the best opportunities out there. Often our members reach out to us with questions via our social media and directly on our website, so we’ve decided to gather questions on child modeling that you, our members, ask most often!

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Question: “People constantly stop me on the street when I'm walking with my three-year-old to tell me how cute he is. I have looked into modeling for him but am weary because we don’t live in a major city. Is there any hope for small-town folk to get their kids some modeling experience?” - Janelle, TX

Answer: It’s true that modeling of any kind including child modeling gets more traction in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. However, there still are projects going on in smaller cities - you just have to look for them! It can be shot for local magazines, commercials, and even fashion shows. Plus, many big-budget projects actually choose their production location in smaller cities. You can check out the opportunities around your area using our casting call search.

Q.: “My daughter is five and absolutely LOVES to be photographed and being on camera. I think modeling is something she’ll really enjoy, but I’m a bit lost on where to start.” - Loretta, SC

A.: The kids’ modeling industry can seem overwhelming for a lot of parents. If you think your daughter will enjoy modeling, start with building their portfolio. That doesn’t mean hiring a professional photographer - you can take the photos yourself. After you have your kid’s portfolio, you’re ready to apply to auditions! That’s why KidsCasting is a great choice for parents who’re kids are only starting in this industry. You can dip your toes in, and see what and if your child is interested in modeling or acting, with very little commitment. All you need to start is a KidsCasting Subscription, a couple of good photos, and you’re ready to apply to as many casting calls as you want!

Q.: “I’m stuck on which photos to apply to our portfolio. Should I upload a portrait, full-body shot, or both? And what’s the best choice of clothes for a modeling portfolio?” - Susan, NY

A.: Having a variety of photos is your best bet: your kid's portfolio should include at least a portrait and a full body shot. Ideally, you should have several photos that show off your child’s personality and a range of emotions. When it comes to their outfit, opt for less patterns, sequins, and super bright colors. The clothes your child is wearing shouldn't overshadow their looks!

Q.: “Are there any tricks like clothes or accessories that will help my child to stand out amongst hundred other kids going to casting calls for modeling gigs? Anything you could recommend?” - Adam, CA

A.: The only thing that matters during a casting call is your child’s raw talent and photogenic qualities. No amount of stylish outfits, accessories, and hair do’s will help your child stand out to casting professionals. Simplicity is key. What we do recommend, however, is to make sure that on the day of the casting (or photoshoot, or any other modeling gig) your child is well-rested, well-fed, and has a neat and clean outfit. Their talent will do the rest, trust us!

Q.: “My baby boy has just booked a commercial after applying to many casting calls and even attending a couple of auditions around where we live (I can thank your website for this). This will be his first job ever, and I’m quite excited but scared at the same time. I don’t know what to expect and am not sure what happens if he’s not in the mood and will end up just crying the whole shoot. What should I expect on our first photoshoot? Help!” - Lauren, NY

A.: Congrats to you and your baby on booking your first gig! Don’t worry, when it comes to photoshoots/filming that involves small babies, it’s usually a quick process. First, child laws don’t allow children to work more than a certain amount of hours a day (read more on them here HERE). And second, because babies are, well, babies, and if they feel tired, or hungry, or both - they’ll show it. So usually the production tries to move along as quickly as possible. Many productions that deal with young talent will have what in the industry is called a “baby wrangler” - a professional whose job is to draw the baby model’s attention to the camera, making them smile, laugh, and generally have a good time using toys, hand puppets, and funny facial expressions. Generally what you can do to prepare is feed them, and let them nap if they want. Remember, you’re going to a shoot that is held by professionals, most of whom have worked with kids plenty of times before, so they know what they're doing! Good luck!

Q.: “Is there a particular “look” that companies/casting directors are looking for in baby models?” - Jason, WA

A.: What casting agents look for in a child is usually charisma and an outgoing personality. If they already have some experience, that is a plus. Remember, the modeling industry is extremely vast, and each client/project/agency usually looks for specific qualities in the model. There’s fashion, commercial, sports, and many other types of modeling out there, so no matter what kind of “look” your baby has, there will be an opportunity for them.

Q.: “What’s the one piece of advice would you give to a parent regarding kids modeling?” - Keysha, GA

A.: The number one piece of advice we would give you is to NOT force your child into the acting and modeling world. First, you have to make sure that your kid really loves to model. They should be excited to be in front of the camera, and the modeling gigs shouldn’t feel like a chore to them. If you have a small baby, look at their reaction when being photographed, as well when meeting new people. A lot of babies light up at the sight of the camera, does yours? That's the first sign that your baby will feel comfortable on set.

We hope by answering some of your burning questions you’ll feel more confident in your child’s modeling journey. Remember, baby and kid modeling is as fun as you make it to be. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you, the parent, to decide which opportunities will be best for your child.

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