9 Extraordinary Benefits of Being a Child Performer

9 Extraordinary Benefits of Being a Child Performer

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  1. Spend Time Together.
  2. Learn Real-world Skills.
  3. Meet Like-minded People.
  4. Embark on an Exciting Adventure.
  5. Make Some Dough on the Side.
  6. Build Foundations for a Career.
  7. Brighten the Lives of Others.
  8. Feel Trust and support From Parents.
  9. Help with Personal Development.

At some point, every kid has dreamed of becoming an actor or a musician. Fame, glory, riches, and simply doing cool things are all powerful motivators that still hold many of us even as our lives take a different route from that of the performer.  But fame, glory, and riches are the destination, and we all know that it's the journey that counts. Countless skills learned, friendships established, memories made, bonds strengthened - it's worth going on the journey even if the destination is never reached.  In other words, letting your child pursue acting & modeling is an investment. One that's going to pay off big. Here's how:

1 Benefit: Spend Time Together

Being a performer isn't just your child's hobby. As the parent, you will have to invest just as much time, if not more, into it - taking them to auditions, helping them create a nice profile, communicating with casting directors, applying them to gigs, helping them learn lines,, etc.. It's a family affair. At first, this may seem daunting. But it's a unique bonding experience that nothing else comes close to. You and your little one are working together towards a shared goal and, in parallel, learning practical skills, growing as individuals, and sharing successes and failures.  As a shared hobby, acting & modeling will bring you closer to your child, and you'll have tons of fun times, epic experiences, and wonderful memories that you'll be able to bond over and cherish forever.

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2 Benefit: Learn Real-world Skills

As a performer, you learn a lot. You learn how to speak clearly, how to walk confidently, how to leave an impression, how to charm with a smile, how to work with teammates, how to follow directions, how to understand others, how to adapt to situations, how to achieve results, how to prepare for roles, how to communicate with different people, how to control your body, and so much more. Performing helps your child develop in a very diverse way and prepares them for life as few other hobbies do. The benefits are most noticeable in terms of people skills and communication, which will come in handy no matter the path they choose in life.

3 Benefit: Meet Like-minded People

Your kid will meet and work with many other kids during projects. If your child is passionate about acting/modeling, this will be a rare opportunity to meet kindred spirits - other kids with similar passions and shared ambitions. Making friends is crucial and will keep your child invested in performing.  And it's not just other kids - meeting like-minded adults devoted to the entertainment industry is also a strong motivator for a child. It makes things serious in their eyes and forces them to be as mature as possible.  Likewise, it's an opportunity for you, the parent. You can meet other parents, make new friends, build connections, share tips & tricks, and get into the culture. That is if you want to. If you're just there for your kid, that's fine too, although a quick chat with another mom or dad can be invaluable for learning about other auditions or other things.  Also, don't underestimate the school's theatre club, if they have one. It's another great place to find like-minded kids and develop under the supervision of a teacher. Any school play is a great addition to your child's resume.

4 Benefit: Embark on an Exciting Adventure

At the end of the day, performing is exciting. If it weren't, we wouldn't be here. Getting that first callback, that first rejection, that first invite, that first compliment, that first shooting, that first paycheck, that first time seeing themselves on the TV… emotions will run high, failures will sting, and successes will live forever.  Learning, getting better, being invited to cooler gigs, developing new skills, winning together, motivating each other - you and your young one will go through a lot. The experiences will change you, hopefully for the better. One thing's for sure, though - it won't be boring.  Let yourself be gripped by the thrill of the adventure like all these parents have.

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5 Benefit: Make Some Dough on the Side

You shouldn't get your child into performing for the paycheck. It's a nice bonus on top, but it shouldn't be your primary motivator. If it is, your kid's acting or modeling journey will be short and disappointing.  That being said, as your child gets experience, builds a nice portfolio, and starts being invited to more and more auditions, you'll notice that paid gigs are becoming more prevalent, and the paychecks will start adding up.  We strongly suggest being transparent with your kid about the finances. Whether you use the money to keep bills paid or put it all in a savings account for your kid, make sure your child understands what's going on and why so there's no resentment in the future. God forbid we get another story like Jackie Coogan's.

6 Benefit: Build Foundations for a Career

Every job your child completes is experience. Not only do they learn from it, but it can also be added to their resume. It's ludicrous to jump into acting/modeling and expect it to become a career from day 1, but once your kid has a nice portfolio, the idea of a career is no longer that far-fetched.  There's a benefit even if you or your kid don't want them to have a full-time career in the entertainment industry. A strong portfolio will let them pick up acting & modeling jobs in the future as a side job or earn something extra while pursuing other passions. Plus, having “acting” on your CV is fantastic for starting a conversation at a job interview, and recruiters will appreciate the transferable skills.  If, however, your child wants a career in entertainment, starting them as early as possible will put them in a fantastic position. Learning the ropes of the industry, mastering the basics from a young age, and building a dazzling resume - your kid will be miles ahead of their peers and other aspiring performers. Casting directors always prefer to work with professionals; within a couple of years, that's what your kid will be.

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7 Benefit: Brighten the Lives of Others

Another, more outward, benefit of becoming a child performer is simply inspiring and brightening the lives of others. Remember why YOU wanted to become an actor? You saw other kids in TV shows, ads, magazines, and music videos, and it was cool. You wanted to be just like them. Well, it's the same for your kid and millions of kids all over the world.  It's your child's turn to be that person who inspires, shares their talents with the world, and entertains. The world needs all the positivity it can get, and your kid can be the one to deliver it.

8 Benefit: Feel Trust & Support From Parents

It's surprisingly easy to say “no” to our kids, especially when it comes to bigger things. Some of us went through our childhoods without hearing a “yes”.  A supportive parent is everything, and if your kid feels that you believe in them, it can grow their confidence like few other things can. Maybe acting ambitions are indeed a passing fad in your child's life, but if you give them a chance to give it a shot, they'll learn, grow, and be thankful for the opportunity. If you don't… well, it'll forever be a “what could've been” moment.  Showing interest and support in your child's hobbies is a surefire way to build a strong relationship. If nothing else, by giving performing a shot, you'll come out stronger as a family.

9 Benefit: Help with Personal Development

Last but by no means least, a valuable benefit of being a child performer is personal growth. We listed some of the skills your kid can learn above, but just as important is mastering those skills and the self. Understanding how to use them, why they are important, and where they can be applied. This will help them grow into a complete, wholesome, and mature young adult who is ready for what the world has to throw at them.  Your child will also learn discipline, being on time, how to present themselves, and what it means when people depend on them. And they will do it while pursuing something they love and enjoy. Is there anything better than that?  Being in the entertainment industry, working behind the scenes, creating real-life projects - it's all a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will help your kid understand the world better and themselves.  No matter how far they get in their performer's journey, they will come out wiser and better for it. And so will you. The nine benefits detailed above are only the benefits of the journey itself. There's always the destination - stardom. And if you set off on the journey, your kid's within a chance of making it big ON TOP of all the benefits above. So what are you waiting for?

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