Benefits of Being a Member of KidsCasting

Benefits to Being a Member of KidsCasting

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  1. Personalized Online Resume Profile.
  2. Collection of Casting Calls.
  3. Notifications of New Casting.
  4. Call on Mail Direct Communication With Casting Directors.
  5. Advice Articles.

Right now, you could be sitting at the beach, sipping pineapple juice, blazing in the sun while your children build sand castles. Sounds great? Actually, it doesn’t. If your little one loves performing, beach leisure isn’t gonna help them do it. You are reading this article because you want to bring their hopes and dreams to life. For years, KidsCasting has been helping youngsters find auditions and performance gigs. There are many things you can benefit from our services. Here are five advantages our members have by being subscribed to KidsCasting.

You will have a personalized online resume profile

When registering on KidsCasting, you will create a resume profile for your child. Your resume will include their photos and their main headshot. Add their height, hair color, eye color, credentials, and special talents – all the information casting directors are looking for. This profile will not only be useful for you when applying to casting calls through KidsCasting. Casting directors and agents will be able to discover your profile and consider your kid for their productions. You can also download your KidsCasting profile; the system will automatically turn it into a PDF resume format. Without extra hassle, it is ready to be printed and used for offline submissions.

Access to a systemized and continually updated collection of casting calls

Our casting call database is continuously updated, offering many new casting notices daily. As a user, you can browse the collection based on many different specifics, such as production location, performance type, etc. The casting calls are categorized and ready for you to discover in an easy and comfortable way.

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You will get notifications of relevant, new casting calls sent to your email

Imagine – you don’t need to constantly look through many casting call notices to see if any new, relevant ones have been posted. You can sit back and relax more because KidsCasting will notify you via e-mail if new casting calls in your area have appeared. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on great opportunities. What you now need to do is just apply.

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Available direct communication with casting directors

Did you know that casting directors and agents also use KidsCasting? It is a great place for them to discover new talent, like your kid. Being a part of KidsCasting, you will be able to communicate with them directly through our mailing system. Reply to their invitations or address them yourself. You will be able to grow your network and gain new, important industry contacts.

Access to advice articles

Our Parent Academy will prepare you for the journey ahead if you are just starting out. Our Parent Academy is a regularly updated educational section, a place where parents can learn about the entertainment industry and the tools needed to help their kids find success. Whether you're preparing that first self-tape or need tips for memorizing lines for kids, we've got you covered.

These and plenty of other reasons are why KidsCasting keeps growing, with more and more casting directors and members joining every day. Along with our user base, the Casting Call collection is evolving, too. So there is no need for you to wait any longer. Join KidsCasting today. It’s your time to take advantage of all we have to offer. 

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