Yuliam Gulbin
San Antonio, TX
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    2 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 1''
  • Weight:
    24 lbs
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Meet Yuliam, 50/50% Turkish and American Race!! Yuliam beats his development chart way above average when it comes to his height&and learning ability! As his Terrible 2s and challenging years come in to play,You cant help but notice his type of ways. His Unique humor and characteristic will leave you astonished! his confidence of being Highly optimistic. As he conquers his fears. He falls, he stands, if he crys, it's never his last try! His out come of all things accomplishes so enthusiastically
Yuliams Imaginative play is more entertaining than words can even explain. As his big dreams are yet so far from today, I will continue to guide, push, encourage, and inspire him every step of the way! Continue my part with guidance, motivational and inspirational play. Daily Activities that lead him to shine with confidence and encouragement. acknowledging him that future goals are not just given,i will teach him
the initiative that hard work pays off to success and to remain his very best!!!!
Hobbies tend to have a lot of critical thinking Involved, As I see seek the inner potential for the world to see it all. From coloring, painting, dancing, singing, learning and so much more. Encouragement to his future goals set many life time roles. One thing Yuliam enjoys doing is dancing, no matter what genre music it is. He dances with rythem. Yuliam attempts new things he's never done before and learning in general.
A fanatic when it comes to fast cars, trucks, but most he loves are jets!!
Yuliams astonishing humor and talents will lead you like no other. He amazes me with his knowledge of being so young and wise. As I see amongst his future, not only as a leader, or a mentor but one who will set goals and will go above and beyond to accomplish! I see many talent and potential Yuliam can accomplish. Though I cant describe much of Yuliam, as he gets older I seek and learn more of his characteristic that will leave you astonished! and will remain capable of so much more to see!!!!!