All About Voice Acting

When we think about the entertainment industry, the first thing that comes up is acting, modeling and performing. But there’s one other interesting aspect of show business, often a forgotten one: voice-over!

You probably know how important voice acting is in cartoons (think of the instantly recognizable Sponge Bob Square Pants voices). And while grown actors do a good portion of voice over work, there’s still place for children and teens.

If you think that voice-over work is something your son or daughter will be interested in, read up!

First, let’s look at the benefits of voice-over work:

- Everybody loves cartoons, so becoming a voice of a cartoon will be super exciting no matter the age!

- Imagine how fun it is to see a behind the scenes process of making a cartoon! Now that's something to brag to your friends about!

- Getting the responsibility of voicing a cartoon character teaches various lessons, like the importance of good work ethic!

- Voicing a character is just another way of performing that involves one's creativity and emotions!

- If your son or daughter is new to acting and feeling a bit camera shy, a voice over gig can be a great starting point to gain confidence, as it doesn't require to be in front of the camera.

Voice Acting for Kids

Where do you start?

So what does it take to get cast for voice-over projects? First, for someone with no prior acting or auditioning experience, classes with a professional voice-over coach or instructor will be a great starting point. Such classes help learn how to work with one's voice, as well as prepare for a first professional voice-over demo.

What’s voice-over demo?

To be considered for a role or a modeling job, actors have headshots, and acting reels and models have their portfolios. And as for voice over actors, their professional “business card” is a voice-over demo.

A voice over demo should give casting professionals an overview of what the talent is capable of regarding different characters and emotions. The demo should be available in a digital format, as well as in the form of a CD. The digital version can be sent as part of an application for an audition, and the CD can be hand out to casting professionals during the actual audition. After the demo is ready, it's time to apply to various voice-over auditions, which are available on - the ONLY platform that focuses on providing latest casting calls for babies as young as one week old and minors as old as 17.


Overall, a voice-over project is a great first step for a successful career in the entertainment industry for anyone who has little or no experience in acting, as well as a great hobby and career on its own. For someone who's creative and has a flair for the dramatic, pursuing voice-over projects might be a perfect avenue to pursue!

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