Creative Activities for Toddlers

5 Activities to Boost Your Toddler's Development

Between their constantly improving talking skills and a newfound ability to walk, your toddler is beginning to slowly do things on their own, actively engaging with other kids, as well as with you. That’s the time when you should start tailoring activities to their abilities. Not sure where to start? We rounded up several activities beneficial for development that toddlers love!

1. Playing dress up

Fill a basket with scarfs, hats, shoes, necklaces, as well as several props like an umbrella or an old camera, and let your child play dress-up. This activity will develop creativity, imagination, social skills as well as language. Children love to pretend, so the only thing you need is a good selection of props and maybe a play date with several other kids.

Did you know? Acting and modeling are super fun for kids because they get to play dress-up and pretend to be other characters. Search for best auditions for your toddler HERE and experience for yourself how much fun it can be!

2. Expressing emotions

Spark your toddler's creativity by making different features, such as noses, eyes, and lips out of old magazines, then give them to your kid to make their own “faces”, gluing features together on a paper circle. Encourage your kid to make funny faces with it.

3. Toy phone

All you need is 2 toy phones (or old phones) - one for you, one for your toddler. Then have a fake phone call with your kid, making funny voices and creating different characters. This fun game will enhance their language and social skills.

4. Animal dress up

As we mentioned earlier, kids love to pretend. But this time instead of letting your toddler dress themselves, help them dress up their stuffed animals! Give your child some of their old baby clothes and help give the animals a new “look”, while also creating funny voices for the toys. Creating new characters will help develop your kid’s creative side. Plus, it’s so much fun!

5. Peekaboo

Toddlers love to play peekaboo! Why? Because at around 1 years old, kids begin to understand when someone is hiding (instead of vanishing). So while your toddler is watching, hide behind a couch and reappear saying “Boo”. Then hide again and pop up behind a different part of the couch (or whatever else you’re hiding behind). This kind of game will teach your kid that even though you’re hiding, you didn’t disappear for good. That will bring your toddler more confidence!

Play those games and expect to see big changes in your toddler's intellectual, emotional, as well as physical development. This games will help your child navigate this world better, as well as make more sense out of everything they do. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to introduce your child to activities that will help them understand their emotions and thoughts!

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