The Most Anticipated Disney Releases

Disney is no doubt the ultimate fan-favorite studio delivering top-notch entertainment for kids, teens, and their parents as well. Disney animated and live action films have been imprinted in imaginations of several generations, with its undying classics like "Snow White", "Fantasia", "Cinderella" and more. This year’s D23 convention (the annual official Disney fan convention) released many new sneak peeks of the Disney/Pixar goodness that we’ll see in theaters soon!

“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”

To tie kids and their parent over until the official release of highly anticipated "Frozen 2", Disney decided to treat us with the special featurette: “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”! The short animation will feature not only the beloved snowman but his buddy Sven as well, as they embark on the quest to find a new holiday for Elsa and Anna. This Disney treat is set to air ahead of ”Coco”, the upcoming Disney animation that comes out November 22.


Now for “Coco”! We absolutely can’t wait for this Disney/Pixar animation which takes place on the eve of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. Our main hero is Miguel - a talented young boy who mysteriously gets transported to the Land of the Dead, and has to find his way back into the mortal world.

“Mary Poppins Returns”

With the world wide success of the live action rendition of “Beauty and the Beast”, no wonder Disney is eager to come out with more live-action films for kids and their parents. And a sequel of the 1964 classic “Mary Poppins” seems to be a perfect choice. Starring Emily Blunt, “Mary Poppins Returns” is set to premiere in 2018. We’re sure the wait will be worth it, as the few available stills from the movie already look amazing!

“Wreck it Ralph 2”

It’s finally confirmed: “Wreck it Ralph” is returning to the screens! It’s been quite the wait, as the first animated film about the arcade that comes to life at night came out way back in 2012. For now, the details are sparse, but we do know the official title: “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.” The sequel promises to be bigger and better - as the title suggests, Ralph will get to travel through the vast world of the internet!

There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. So many exciting Disney releases coming our way that are sure to be hits among kids, as well as their parents! What's more, Disney is constantly looking for various talents for their TV Shows, Movies and Commercials! With KidsCasting, you'll always stay up-to date with their latest auditions, so that no opportunity is missed. And who knows, maybe your kid will be in the next Disney film!

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