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Rating boost

Gain an 3000-point rating boost, increasing your chances for casting call invitations

Instagram story

Exclusive Instagram story feature to showcase your talent and profile

Mailing list

Profile included in special mailing lists, presented directly to state casting directors

Priority support

Enjoy lifetime access to priority support for immediate assistance and queries

Amplify Your Presence,
Boost Earnings

Amplify Your Presence

Amplify Your Presence, Boost Earnings

Unlock a significant 3000-point increase in your rating, significantly improving your visibility and likelihood of being selected for top-tier casting calls.

Showcase Your Talent

Showcase Your Talent

Benefit from an exclusive Instagram story feature, spotlighting your profile and talent to a wide audience, enhancing your social media presence and appeal.

Premium Profile Exposure

Premium Profile Exposure

Have your profile strategically placed in specialized mailing lists, ensuring direct presentation to influential casting directors in your state, opening doors to high-profile opportunities.

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This is a 12-month plan. By proceeding you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use

Your questions, answered

How does the 3000-point rating boost enhance my kid's chances for casting calls?
The 3000-point boost improves your kid's chances by moving their profile to the top of main pages. This makes it easier for casting directors to notice them and increases opportunities for casting calls.
What is included in the Instagram story feature for showcasing my kid's talent?
Get your kids spotlighted on our Instagram profile, followed by our esteemed partners and fellow members, for extensive exposure. We'll showcase their photos, highlight their skills, and provide a direct link to their profile – and, of course, tag them for maximum visibility.
How is my kid's profile shared with casting directors through the mailing list?
Your kid's profile is added to a targeted mailing list sent directly to influential casting directors. This helps them easily discover your kid's talent and contact them for potential opportunities, maximizing their exposure and chances of getting casting calls.
What are the benefits of priority support?
With priority support, you will get access to immediate assistance, addressing all your questions, queries, and issues.