Brooke Regan
Las Vegas, NV
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    11 y.o.
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Brooke is a great kid. Straight A student, a great friend, loves to bake, loves tumbling and loves the camera. She is shy at first but opens up quickly. She loves to laugh and has an amazing smile. She is the only girl in the family and has 3 brothers. She also won a samurai sword in a jujitsu tournament for first place. She can be glam or getting dirty. She loves dogs and pandas.
She has no professional experience. Brooke is an all star competitive cheerleader. (Like the ones on TV). She loves the stage and lights. She travels for competitions with her team. They perform in front of thousands of people on stage.
She loves to cheer and tumble. Of course she loves her iPad and phone - always texting her friends. She loves to workout and stretch when she is not in the gym. Watching movies and swimming are also high on the list. She loves to go camping and boogie board in the ocean. She loves to sing along to all of her favorite songs.
She is super bendy! She can do the splits and then some in all directions. She loves to do backbends, back handsprings and hand stands. She is incredibly strong. She is exceptional at math. She is extremely photogenic.