Ava-Siena Glover
Arlington, VA
Profile ID: 9815254

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    13 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 2''
  • Weight:
    101 lbs
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Siena is 13 years old, a kind and caring but also fun type of character. Siena loves little kids and works well with people. Siena has been taught in jazz, hip pop and modern dance for a total of 8 years. Siena is also in theatre, this year as her 6th. Siena has a passion for fashion and loves the camera, she expresses herself with her clothes, hair and makeup. Siena also plays the violin and has done a few speeches at public events.
>Magazine cover- Parentmap magazine
> Lead in Pippi longstockings as Pippi- Bellevue theatre production
>Granny- Into the woods musical
>Mr. James the dog in world of adventures- Bellevue theatre production
>Mama Boar in the jungle book- Bellevue theatre production
>Flora the lead of the flowers in Alice in wonderland- Bellevue theatre production
>Good morning America father's day special- Good morning America 2012
>Spring dance competition jazz performance- Backstage dance studio
Siena loves to dance, sing and act. She has also done modeling for 8 years. Siena appeared in the Seahawk mini cheerleader squad in 2018. Siena recently started getting into penny boarding and basketball. She loves little kids and baking. Siena's dream is to perform on Broadway and later on become an actress, singer, director and model. Siena also hopes to inspire little girls so that they can change the world one day.
Acting, Singing, experience with photoshoots. Dance (Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern), Spanish speaker. Violin player, baking, cheer, basketball and public speaker. Musical theatre. and is learning American sign language. Siena's goal is to win a Grammy or Emmy award before the age of 18.