Kayla Aguayo
Torrance, CA
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  • Age:
    1 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    22 lbs
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Kayla is 21 months old. She has curly light brown hair. Her eyes are light brown and have long curly eye lashes. She is a very happy girl that likes to cuddle and share her love for others.
Brand rep and model for small clothes businesses. Featured in two magazine issues (Simply Unique Magazine) and soon to be featured in a coming magazine Dreams issue in April for KidFash Magazine (Los Angeles, CA). Instagram: kayla.valentina_
Kayla enjoys music and loves to dance. She gets very exited when we go to the park and she sees the ducks and squirrels. She likes to cuddle with her dog and her favorite doll.
She loves to pose for pictures. Kayla is extremely curious and ready to learn. She is also a very funny girl who enjoys making people laugh.