Jonathan Reynolds
Elizabethton, TN
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    2 y.o.
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    23 lbs
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Well I'll start by saying Jonathan "Tanner" Reynolds is our greatest blessing ever!!! He has strawberry blonde hair and the most stunning handsome brown eyes. Tanner turned the big 2 in March. This is all new to us but we believe he has what it takes to make it to the top! Tanner always knows how to brighten up the gloomiest of days with his huge beautiful smile. Tanner loves to take pictures and video chat, he's so photogenic. Our baby is the next big hit!
We have no industry experience but he sure is experienced in stealing the heart of everyone who whom he meets, he's always so caring and polite! Anytime we go to the store or out in public we always get so many compliments on how our baby is such a polite baby. Anytime you give him something or compliment him on being cute and polite he always says please and thank you.
Tanner loves to ride his little four-wheeler. He also likes to play outside and run around. Tanner likes to take pictures and video chat he's definitely very outgoing and energetic!
Tanner's best talent is how he can always brighten up the cloudiest of days with his always caring cheerful considerate personality. He is a great playmate always sharing and never greedy with anything he has. Has such a big vocabulary for such little boy, he is extremely smart!