Ken'Nore Turrentine
Buffalo, NY
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    1 y.o.
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I have a handsome , smart and happy 1 Year old son! It will not let me edit his birthday so his D.O.B is 05/28/2020. He has sandy brown curly hair, he's real energetic, silly and has his own personality. He is a real character and understands more then the usual 1 year old usually can Understand. He doesn't say too many real words but he makes up for that with his personality and character, he has a lot to say in his own way!
He just completed his first Photo Shoot with Fisher Price today (10/13/2021) Has his second Photo Shoot with Fisher Price (11/12/2021) !! Very exciting !! He already has his working permit.
Eating , Dancing , Playing on his slide, Playing with his cars , playing chase around the house ,watching Boxing with his Dad and watching Cocomelon and Word Party. He has an evil laugh that he does that is so cute and funny, his laugh is really infectious but in a good way. He's A Daddy's boy, So obsessed with his Father.
He understands a lot of things most 1 year olds wouldn't. He's very friendly , Laughs a lot and has a great smile.