Trinity Santos
Grass Valley, CA
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    8 y.o.
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Trinitys nick name is peaches. She is always taking cute n funny selfies, she is kind, outgoing & energetic. She wants to be a ""mom with flip flops when she grows up.""
Trinity participated in a fashion show once but other than that she just role plays at home. She also does home made YouTube videos.
Taking care of her babies, fishing, swimming, youtubing, dancing, singing & of course TikTok.
Trinity is golden! She is so special & unique right from the start when I gave birth to her in the car. She loves to dance & sing, she is very athletic, she great at gymnastics, soccer & role play, Trinity Star has also been a huge fan of Sophie Dossi n wants to be a contortionist like her so she's been self taught thus far n she's already pretty good!