Benjamin Perilo
Omaha, NE
Profile ID: 8331112

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    4 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 2''
  • Weight:
    32 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Benji is three years old. He is very smart. He loves to follow the rules, but is also quite the ham. He's very into all cars (he knows all the makes and most of the models), Paw Patrol ("this show really has great characters"), and learning about how EVERYTHING works. He is a kid that asks question upon question. Nothing gets past him.
He hasn't done any modeling or acting yet.
He loves to read books, sing songs, pretend he's in the Paw Patrol, and everything that has to do with cars: pretend to be in one, play with his toy cars, read about cars, play in real cars, etc.
Benji is very smart. He wants to reread things or rehear things over and over so he can memorize them. He loves to collect information in his little brain. He also loves to make people laugh. He's a little ham.