Addison Austin
Dallas, TX
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  • Age:
    5 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    43 lbs
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Addison is a passionate 5 year old firecracker with a great personality her own style and very knowledgeable. She is driven and loves to go for anything. She is wise for 5 and will leave an amazing impression on anyone.. She has a great heart spirit and drive and is a very very happy child with high energy and will life anyone spirits.
Addison has trained with Social Performers Academy by Joe Lorenzo, she has done client photo shoots for various shows and private client products. Addison is currently attending ASI Gymnastics and training.Because of this and being in school since the age of 2 she can hold an intellectual conversation with an adult or older party. Great kid & stands out!
Addison loves acting out to herself , singing, dancing, making videos swimming, drawing, coloring walking around modeling whatever she can in the mirror. She loves ice skating, swimming and reading and having fun.
Addison Acts, sings, dance, commercial print modeling and Runway modeling. She is currently learning to speak 2 other languages Chinese and Spanish and can read and write at 5 with a huge vocabulary in place on 6th grade level or higher. Very talented and smart spunky young lady who is not afraid to be herself.