Dylan Curry
Lockport, IL
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    14 y.o.
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Dylan is a sweet young man, who can make you smile like no one else! He has an amazing sense of humor, and loves to be around people! His claim is to be on Broadway someday, as he loves theater, but isn't a great singer. The boy can act, and is so sincere.
Local theater is all Dylan has been involved in.
Dylan is a Boy Scout; currently on Debate team at school as well as Drama team; he's been in local theater/school plays since 3rd grade; He's also in HIp Hop classes and performances; He's won first to 3rd place in Talent shows; He's on his school's Volleyball team; participates in cooking classes; Dylan is involved in his church's Jr High Ministry weekly and volunteers every Sunday with tech and kid's groups He loves to golf; play fort night and board games, and hang with family and friends.
He has a great sense of humor and ability to make people smile and laugh! He is a great character actor and he is great at Hip Hop dancing!